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The recent episode of “Unanswered Questions” has brought light to the level of abuse faced by the deceased 16 month old child Jung In.

In October 2020, adoptive parents Jang and Ahn were arrested for causing the death of their adoptive baby. It was only after she died that legal actions were taken. The police also revealed that according to autopsy reports the cause of death was “damages to the abdomen by an external force.”

In “Unanswered Questions” the team runs multiple tests with mannequin baby & woman (of same age, height & weight) to figure out the kind of abuse done on this 16 month old child. Pancreatic rupture (which Jungin died from) requires 3800-4200 Newtons of force. This isn’t possible from just dropping a child, but needs great force. Such a great amount of force could only be applied if the adoptive mom had, for example, jumped on the baby. It is unknown how she applied so much force but because she did, the pancreas (the innermost organ) ruptured. As a result, the baby died from excessive bleeding.

The shocking results & episode has got the citizens of Korea furious (rightly so) demanding- petitioning for stricter law enforcement for children protection and highest decree of sentence for the ‘parents’.

In this picture you can see the deteriorating condition before and after Jung In got adopted.

We have also chosen to include the pictures of her murderers (adoptive parents) as we personally feel that they do not deserve to ‘save face’.

Sorry Jungin this world has failed you. #정인아미안해 Rest in Peace