The month of June saw the biggest nation wide fan project yet, with more than 3500 attendees across 20+ regions in India! This was an ARMY (Fandom of BTS) project to celebrate BTS’ 6th Anniversary Festa.

It constantly blows my mind to think how far fan culture has evolved in India. A country where album sales died long ago and holding concerts have been a challenge for years be it how famous an artist is. There’s a lack of concert culture, a habit to pay for music or live shows. I wouldn’t be stretching it if i said that, Desi ARMYs are causing a revolution and defining stan culture in India on another level!

The event is a beautiful example of passion showcasing how young people pulled off flashmobs/meetups/charity events through just WhatsApp/SNS coordination, without actually meeting each other in person.

Bangtan_India one of the biggest BTS fanbased-organisation, with their regional associates have achieved the remarkable feat and here’s how it happened:


KHigh: The idea to engage different regions in India by creating regional partners, how did that come about?

B_I: This idea had actually been on our minds for around a year before it was established and executed. The main thought process was the realization that we did not have an effective national strategy. By that, we are talking about the ability to actively involve ARMYs from all parts of the country, and not just where our main admins are located. It always pinched our hearts when ARMYs from regions, which did not have projects, would yearn and wait patiently for us to get there. So, with gratefulness we worked in their direction.

Moreover, in order to demonstrate the prowess of Indian ARMYs on a national scale would need grass-root mobilization. The most optimal way to do that, we felt, was to let ARMYs from each region take initiative for projects in their region and lead it themselves since they know their regions better than us.

Therefore, on one hand we wanted to give a larger platform to these regionally coordinated projects, and on the other take our projects truly nationwide.

Currently, we have a total of 34 regional accounts associated with us in our family, and we feel that synergy has worked quite well mutually.


KHigh: How long would you say the “Festa” preparations have taken?

B_I: “Festa” is something for which the deliberation begins almost half a year in advance. This time, we put a lot of thought into it more so because we wanted the scale to be truly national with the help of our regional associates.

There were a lot of ideas, and zeroing on the best one took us months. After that, it took us around 2-3 months to completely execute due to the nature of complex coordination involved and logistical constraints.

All our Festa celebrations in all regions of India associated with us will take place throughout June, BTS’s debut month.


KHigh: We understand that some projects are still underway but can you provide us a fair idea of it?

B_I: While we will have to get back with the number of participants, here is a list of regions where we conducted festa celebrations in association with our regional partners – Delhi, Assam, Jammu & Kashmir, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Nagaland, Gujarat, Manipur, Goa, Andhra Pradesh, Meghalaya, Uttarakhand, Telangana.

Bihar, West Bengal, Rajasthan, Odisha, and Tripura projects are under way and will be done within this month as we wrap up the Festa month.


KHigh: What did you aim for, from the nation wide project?

B_I: The first thing, as mentioned before as well, was to reach ARMYs in as many parts of the country as we could.

Secondly, we wanted the activity to be festive and enjoyable for ARMYs. After all, Festa is the time of the year when BTS and ARMYs are most grateful and joyous for each other’s presence in life. We wanted to convey the passionate love of Indian ARMYs.

Thirdly, quite strategically, we wanted to do something that can create a buzz among the general public. Our artist and our fandom, both, are still at the ‘Awareness’ stage of the general person’s perception funnel. So, we always want to create more awareness regarding BTS & ARMYs in India, we wanted to attract eyeballs and positive attention.

Apart from these reasons, we wanted the regions to carry on whatever they had planned and however they wanted to celebrate. So a very exciting diversity of events popped up around all of India and it is very heartwarming for us to be centralizing these and giving them a platform.


The Bangtan_India representative went on to say that they have lot of ideas which they’re working on and will release with time. They truly want to focus on the congregation of fans in India and plan more exciting events in the Future!


Shoutout to all the regional fanbases, you have worked hard and organised a treat for the ARMYs who would have never thought they would be part of something so big, make friends and share their love of BTS with one another.


Chhattisgarh: @CG_Armys


Meghalaya: @ArmyMeghalaya



Jaipur: @BangtanRajasthan








Tamil Nadu:


Odisha: @OdishaBts


Meerut: @Meerut_BTSARMY1

Goa: @BangtanGoa



North-East regions:  & 

Hubli: @army_hubli_dwd

Mumbai: @mumbai_bts

Hyderabad: @HyderabadArmy

West Bengal: @btskolkataarmys  & @Bangalibongtan