Continuing the trend of the resurgence of the 2nd generation of K-Pop, ‘Beast Idols’ 2PM made a striking comeback with a full album ‘MUST’. The sextet is back together after five long years, completing their mandatory military service and exploring solo projects.

Released on 28th June, ‘MUST‘ took over the iTunes charts in various countries. It steadily rose to #2 on the Indian iTunes Album Chart, showing the love Indian fans still hold for the group! The album holds the #1 position in six regions – Bulgaria, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Sri Lanka, and Japan (at the time of writing).

2PM 'Must'

Taecyeon, Jun.K, and Wooyoung have participated in the album production. The title track ‘Make It’ is written and produced by Wooyoung who wanted to show a mature, more sexy side of the group now that the members are in their 30s. The song peaked at top spots in music charts like Bugs at #3 and Genie at #6.

2PM – ‘Make It’

‘Make It’ follows the same touch as 2PM’s 2015 hit ‘My House’ but on a Jazzy note, with a bass-lined chorus and a piano-driven melody. The song delves into the thoughts of men who are entranced by a stranger. They look for ways they can approach and make their love come true. The music video features the members in an impending apocalypse where they can’t seem to focus on anything else other than the charming stranger. It also displays the members’ performing their signature suave dance style that their fans love.

What are your thoughts on the 2PM track, ‘MUST’? Did any other track from the album make it to your playlist? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!