Netflix’s Action-Comedy K-Drama D.P

Netflix has been branching out with their original K-Dramas from sitcoms to sci-fi shows and now we have an action-comedy K-Drama. D.P. (Deserter Pursuit) follows the story of Private Jun-ho played by Jung Hae-in of One Spring Night fame. While many believe that it is a straightforward military drama, it is much more than that. In fact, a majority of the show is set outside the military centres and in the real world. Here are 3 reasons why we should watch this mini-series.

Philosophical Insight

Jun-ho is a wayward youth who joins the military and is assigned to catch deserters who have left the military before their time was up. As he goes on missions with the defector arrest team, he captures soldiers who are going through an existential crisis just like him. He questions his motives as well as that of the team as he steps in the shoes of the defecting soldiers. Contemplating their reason for abandoning their post, the K-Drama is less of a procedural show and more about human relations and the philosophy behind their rationale.

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Dark Humour

In a typical K-Drama format, we get a show full of light-hearted moments, hijinks as the team tries to capture 10 defectors and action which lightens the underlying conflict that the characters are grappling with. It is definitely darker than the fun trailer we were graced with thanks to Netflix’s rating of 16+. Additionally, fans are excited to see this new take on an otherwise boring concept since most military dramas are political melodramas meant for a niche audience. Here Netflix is targeting a wider audience – anyone who loves secret missions and black comedy.

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Honest Look Into The Mandatory Enlistment

D.P. also gives us a fresh view of the mandatory military service in South Korea. It honestly critiques the initial enlisting idea as it is not as relevant as it was when the law was first drafted. We see the main character, as well as the deserters, question their actions and the whole idea of enlisting in the first place. It is a risk that Netflix has taken. This has garnered interest among potential viewers as they wonder what exactly the show is trying to portray with a protagonist who questions compulsory civilian drafting.

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Along with Jung Hae-in whose next acting project is with BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, the team consists of Koo Kyo-Hwan‘s (Peninsula) Han Ho-yul who is the comic foil to Jun-ho’s tsundere (cold) character. They’re led by Sergeant Im Ji-sup played by Son Seok-koo of Mother fame. Based on the webtoon ‘D.P Dog Day,’ the 6-episode K-drama is set to be released on Netflix on August 27.
Watch the trailer below.

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