Twenty Five Twenty One

Kim Tae Ri made a K-Drama comeback with a bang, alongside our Man Crush Nam Joo Hyuk where both of them are playing roles of young individuals in the era of the economic crisis in South Korea. The economic crisis or the ‘TIMES’ as they say, took away someone’s dreams and someone’s family from them. This story is about a once fencer prodigy Na Hee Do played by Kim Tae Ri who is ready to cross seven seas just to continue fencing though she no longer plays well. Baek Yi Jin, once a chaebol son, has to give up on his dream to work at NASA when his father’s business collapses. Yi Jin played by Nam Joo Hyuk (last starring in Start Up)works all kinds of jobs to feed his family and is trying his best to tackle the hurdles he faces every day in the most mature way possible. Yi Jin with his new goals and Hee Do with her one dream become each other’s escape from reality to a world full of hope and happiness. 

(Note: The following may contain mild spoilers.)



Reasons To Check Out ‘Twenty Five Twenty One’:

Blooming Chemistry of Hee Do and Yi JinTWENTY FIVE TWENTY ONE

Hee Do is an 18-year-old girl who sees the world in a different light where if she is about to fall, she already has a plan to get up and do better. Although her plans are quite clumsy, her spirit is very admirable. On the other hand, Yi Jin has a serious approach towards life and he is ready to move on from what he has lost to gain whatever he can but his past keeps haunting him. Twenty Five Twenty One shows the dynamic between the two that throws light on the life of a teenager and a young adult and their different approaches to deal with challenges thrown at them by the economic crisis. Their relationship is like BTS and ARMY, where they both become each other’s hope to aim for bigger, better yet very simple goals in life like finding happiness even in misery. They both encourage each other to bring out better versions of themselves. 


 Depiction of ’97s Youth


Twenty Five Twenty One smashes the stereotypical thought of ‘A man and a woman can never be JUST friends.’ Rumors in Taeyang high school says Nice and Pretty guy as he likes to call himself, Moon Ji Woong played by Choi Hyun Wook is single because his childhood best friend Ji Seung Wan played by Lee Joo Myung wants to keep him all herself which is way far from the truth, this show occasionally hints for similar future of Yi Jin and Hee Do. Ji Seung Wan is a model student, academically ambitious, she deeply respects the hierarchy in school and has zero interest in Moon Ji Woong. Popular Nice and Pretty guy Moon Ji Woong is Na Hee Do’s classmate and Ko Yu Rim’s fan who shows her extra prettier and nicer side of him. All of these characters are somehow involved with each other and play significant roles in each other’s lives. 


Friendship and Rivalry

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Ko Yu Rim is an Olympic gold medalist fencer who comes from an underprivileged family. Na Hee Do worships Ko Yu Rim and follows every move she makes and wishes to get close to her but in reality, things do not go her way when she joins Yu Rim’s fencing team at Taeyang High School. They say, “you can openly share your feelings with a stranger” but sometimes we fail to share our worries even with our closest friend. This star and fangirl duo just started their relationship on the wrong foot. The question is what will be the end of this intimidating, bitter rivalry between Hee Do and Yu Rim in the game of envy and insecurity? Will it bring them close or push them even farther?  Twenty Fine Twenty 0ne brings us a story of such friendship that will make us feel all kinds of emotions.


Last but the most important: Lead Character, NA HEE DO

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When everyone, even Hee Do’s mother, asked her to give up on fencing, she swallowed her pain and kept moving forward. Like how oxygen is to life, fencing is to Hee Do. It is the only thing that keeps her going in life and she will do anything just to survive and keep fencing. Her passion and love for fencing make the drama even more interesting because of every step she takes towards her lifelong dream. Her immaturity and impulsive behavior bring humor to the show and will keep you hooked to see how her character will develop in the coming episodes. Twenty Five Twenty One starts in 2021 where Hee Do is trying to understand why her daughter Kim Min Chae is giving up on ballet dancing, continuing to Kim Min Chae reading her mother’s old diaries and understanding how her mother did not become a fencing prodigy overnight but she has worked hard to be where she is today. Kim So Hyun and Kim Tae-Ri are both doing amazingly in portraying Hee Do’s life and how she positively influences people around her. Kim Tae-Ri, a versatile actor, has once again proved that she can blend in characters of any personality and any age!


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