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Ji Chang Wook (지창욱) is a South-Korean actor, who became the buzz of the K-Town with his lead role in the series Smile Again (웃어라 동해야) released in 2010 in which he played the character Dong-Hae. Since Smile Again where he played the role of a Korean-American short-track speed skater, the actor received immense love from the audience and bagged many lead roles. Ji Chang Wook’s popularity skyrocketed with a showcasing of his elite acting skills in hit dramas, ranging from Healer (2014), The K2 (2016), Suspicious Partner (2017) to Lovestruck in the city (2020).

As the stunning actor is turning 34 today (5th July), let’s walk through all the times the eternally young actor made our hearts flutter and amazed us with his acting brilliance in a wide variety of roles and genres.


Kim Je Ha (The K2)

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Ji Chang Wook plays the role of a former soldier. This role portrays him as a rough and mysterious man who meets with lots of plots and obstacles when he is hired as a bodyguard to the daughter of a presidential candidate. Though the story is captivating on its own, the complex yet intriguing character of Kim Je Ha (Ji Chang Wook)  glues the viewers’ to their screens. The whole drama is packed with action scenes from the tough fight referred to as ‘Spin Kick Fight’ between Ji Chang Wook and The Assault Captain (Jo Dong-Hyuk) from episode 8 to the fight in the subway station.

Ji Chang Wook’s acting is the epitome of nail-biting action roles and him acting rough with his mesmerizing and soft looks makes his action dramas much more interesting. Showcasing various fighting techniques such as Taekwondo and Jiu Jitsuaikido, the drama series also showed the dedication of the actor towards his role as he not only performed his own action stunts but also underwent serious training to perform his level best. Ji Chang Wook can also be seen in action in dramas like Healer, and in the gripping dark movie,The Fabricated City.

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No Ji Wook (Suspicious Partner)

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Life for No Ji-wook (Ji Chang Wook) is not smooth as a prosecutor but it gets more entangled into situations as his path collides with Eun Bong-Hee (Nam Ji Hyun). The drama is a concoction of suspense, comedy and office romance. The duo is very sweet together but the scene that melted hearts was when Bong-hee has a high fever and is admitted to the hospital and when a concerned Ji-wook rushes to the hospital when he comes to know about this. At the hospital, the duo shares a warm tingling kiss which shows their love and care for each other. This scene is truly a great showcase of how subtle and passionate Ji Chang Wook can get when his romantic side comes out.

Ji Chang Wook portrays the prosecutor, later lawyer’s character so well that anyone who sees him in this series will agree that he owns the character. This drama has brought more diverse shades of Ji Chang Wook on the screen as he explored his desire to act in a sweet romantic comedy than be restricted to action roles that he is known for. His other K-Drama Melting me softly also shows his romantic profile beautifully.

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Choi Dae Hyun (Backstreet Rookie)

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The charming convenience store manager, Choi Dae-hyun (Ji Chang Wook)is the crush of every teenage girl in the town. Dumped by his girlfriend and staying jobless for a while Dae-hyun manages his family-owned store, which does not earn much profit. His fate changes when he crosses paths with Jung Saet Byul (Kim You Jung), who likes him and who is now a part-time worker at his store. Though we love the chemistry of the leads, the fight scene in episode 16 made us laugh like no tomorrow – Saet-byul beating the gang to a pulp while Dae-hyun is on the ground knocked out to the jealousy of Dae-hyun when the girls who previously crushed on him are now crushing on the new part-time employee of his store, Idol Ji Wook. Ji Chang Wook in this role is hence cute, handsome, relatable, and everything you desire 😉

Ji Chang Wook is no doubt the heartthrob, provided his stunning visuals, and with this drama, he gave us another reason to fangirl over, his comedy timing. Leaning towards humor this drama is a good mix of both comedy and romance. The cuteness of the interactions between the older character, Choi Dae-hyun and the younger girl, Jung Saet-Byul, is something that viewers just can’t get enough of till the very end!


Park Jae Won (Lovestruck in the City)

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In Lovestruck in the CityJi Chang Wook takes up the role of an architect who is passionate about his work and has a very honest personality. He meets Lee Eun Oh, who despite being a silent introvert, acts totally outgoing and free-spirited and so their romance begins. Park Jae-won (Ji Chang Wook) smitten with Lee Eun-oh (Kim Ji-Won), is passionate about his work and towards his love and the way he flirts with Eun-oh in the car while the rain makes the situation much more favorable to Jae-won, manages to flirt its way to our hearts as well.  Ji Chang Wook with his brilliant acting and romantic profile hence steals the show yet again.


As we are walking down the lane of his previous roles, Ji Chang Wook is all set to visit the audience once again with a brand new movie titled Hard Hit (발신제한).  The drama which is set to release on 23rd June 2021, casts Jo Woo-jin, Lee Jae-in, Ji Chang Wook, Jin Kyung as the main cast. The story begins in Busan when the daughter of the head of a bank receives a horrifying call. Ji Chang Wook can be seen in action as a cool and charming antagonist in this suspense/thriller movie.

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Ji Chang Wook Acting
We wish the stunning actor an amazing birthday!
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