A  whirlwind of a Sunday was that, wasn’t it?

On 28th October, 2018 Pune saw its biggest event till date *whispers* LUCENTE Concert! The 4th Korean Indian Cultural Festival organised by IKCG, hosted by the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in
Mumbai and supported by the Pune Municipal Corporation and Smart City Pune, was headlined by the first K-Pop concert Pune had seen.

Let us take you through the entire event:

Fans had started lining up since 1:30 pm, outside the gate of Anna Bhau Sathe Auditorium, by 3 pm the ques looked never-ending. An event like this and with passionate fans it can be hard to manage but IKCG did a wonderful job! We will also like to commend the fans, despite of their frenzy they were respectful and patient. The very talented Kpoppers were prepared with their banners and posters and having a blast the energy was so vibrant that it could be counted as a pre party itself! There was also a set up of LUCENTE album sales, where fans could come and buy them and also secure a chance for fan meet after the concert. Yes you heard that right folks, we bet we’ve got your undivided attention now. 😉

After much anticipation the gates were opened, once again demonstrating the impeccable management by the IKCG members. The evening started with an array of beautiful performances lined up- The Duo act of Kathak performance by Dr. Eunjoo Lim and the veteran flute player Milind Date set the ambiance floating in magic! Just when we were reeling, the stage was once again consumed by the beautiful Kathak Dancers of ‘Tridhaara Institute of Kathak’, the ‘nazakhat‘ of each movement was enough to leave us in awe! Can we even forget the young guns of Kukkiwon Demonstration Team India, naaaah their power was unreal!




Are you having a good time? Well hold your breath (we definitely were): as the crowd went LU-CHE-NTE  LU-CHE-NTE  LU-CHE-NTE the lights were out,  7 figures could be spotted taking their place on stage, if we weren’t already dead the start of “Your Difference” did the job! The boys of LUCENTE are so talented, we can’t pick between their fiyaaa rap or sharp-knife like dance or them vocals on point!



Needless to say the crowd went crazy, it was an emotional scene to see silent tears dripping down to wide smiles, Pune was witnessing its very first K-Pop Concert. The evening then went on with surprise performance of Yellow Code – an upcoming korean ballad singer under Noga Entertainment and a FANMEET.

Yellow Code
Yellow Code

KPOP High India featured in Vote of Thanks


I don’t know what to say further, because the vibes of that day were pure joy and it can’t be put to words. Here’s our memories safely secured in Photographs :’)