“If you want to love others, I think you should love yourself first.” – RM


In a world full of people who are ready to criticize us or make fun of our insecurities, it often becomes hard to accept ourselves the way we are and cherish our flaws. There are days when we don’t like the way we look in the mirror or when we don’t have enough courage to stand on the weighing machine. Here’s a list of K-Pop songs to uplift you from blue.


“My face is more round than V-line, I like it, it’s my own special thing.” — Yes I am [MAMAMOO]

Leave it to MAMAMOO to write a song on a serious topic and yet manage to make an upbeat song with a colourful music video. The lyrics are simple yet effective. It’s about how one does not have to follow every fashion trend or wear makeup to become beautiful; we’re beautiful in our own unique way. Every young girl out there needs to hear this song!



“I am the best” – I am the best [2NE1]

The title says it all! Now this one isn’t exactly about self esteem but I love it way too much to not have included it in the list. Listening to this song and saying “naega jeil jal naga” will instantly make you feel better. It’s time to Bam Ratatata Tatatatata all the self doubts away!



“Beautiful – Beautiful, this body movement that resembles flower petals;

Oh you beautiful, beautiful” – Beautiful [EXO]

What better way to boost your self esteem than have EXO sing about how beautiful you are? With such soothing vocals and wonderful lyrics, EXO never fails to capture our hearts.  This song is probably what you hear after entering the gates of heaven.


“You better know

There’s a world that’s been waiting for you as you are”- You Better Know [Red Velvet]

Honestly speaking, this particular song deserves so much more recognition. It has meaningful lyrics, amazing vocals and a really catchy tune (Duh. What else did we expect from Red Velvet?) It’s a must listen for everyone who’s struggling with themselves.


“I’m the one I should love in this world

Shining me, precious soul of mine

I finally realised so I love me

Not so perfect but so beautiful”. – Epiphany [BTS Jin]

I’d dare not forget to mention BTS in an article about self esteem/ self love. Epiphany is one of the many songs of BTS which talk about the importance of self love. You can feel the emotions poured into the songs while listening to it. Jin has marvelously poured the emotions into this one.


What other topics do you want us to share K-Pop lyrics on?


Writer: Kanchan Khemani