5 Romantic K-Drama Couples

While K-Dramas happen to be of several genres, the romantic angle between the main leads is always present. Viewers enjoy the chemistry and the grand gestures along with whatever convoluted storyline the drama has going on. As an escape mechanism, K-Dramas make sure that they have a fantastical element that makes the viewers forget their own worries as they sit and enjoy the romance between the characters as it is weaved into the plot. Here are 5 adorable couples from the latest romantic K-Dramas that will melt your heart.


Youth Of May

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Youth of May‘ is a 12-episode romantic drama starring ‘Sweet Home’s’ siblings, Lee Dohyun and Go Min-si as the star-crossed couple, Hee-tae and Myung-hee. Set against the political upheaval of 1980 which ended up with much bloodshed, 2 people find love in the unlikeliest of places. The charming Hee-tae goes on a blind date to pacify his father with no intention of falling in love. Nurse Myung-hee is paid to go on the date in place of her friend who Hee-tae was originally supposed to meet. The hilarity that ensues is short-lived as the drama chooses to focus on the love that thrives between them. 

While the set-up and backstory are intricately woven into the present with plot twists after plot twists, the love story is a simple romance that the viewer looks forward to despite the sense of foreboding hinted at from the very start of the show. But if you like a straightforward old-fashioned romance full of chivalry and coyness, the ending just might be worth it.


So I Married An Anti-Fan

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If you remember those ‘Dream High‘ dramas starring JYPE idols and a fetus IU and Park Seo-joon, ‘So I Married An Anti-Fan‘ is a 2021, sophisticated version of it. When we say sophisticated, we mean the acting has gotten better but the clownery in the plot remains. In an enemies-to-lovers trope, which is not a spoiler due to the very obvious drama title, the show forces two polar opposite characters together whose chemistry is so undeniable, that their romance becomes the core of the show.

Suspicious Partner’s’ Choi Tae-joon plays the supposedly obnoxious idol, Hoo-joon. Meanwhile an actual idol, Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung is the cynical reporter, Geun-young who has a personal vendetta against Hoo-joon as he is partly responsible for her unemployment. Circumstances force them to work together in a reality show and their journey is equal parts romance and comedy as they both end up falling for each other much to their own surprise.


So Not Worth It

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As Netflix’s first Korean sitcom, the show went all out with the script, the budget, and well, the cast. Along with Park Se-wan and Han Hyun-min, it also starred idols (G)I-DLE’s Minnie as Minnie and GOT7’s Youngjae as Sam. Not only that, fans were pleasantly surprised that there were no restrictions on skinship between the idols of opposite genders that could affect the storyline.

As a sitcom, the comedy is in the forefront, as Sam and Minnie’s blooming relationship is more about how they face absurd obstacles together and get close to each other rather than the flirtatious wooing we’d expect from a couple in a typical romantic K-Drama. But that happens to be the charm of this particular couple and the show as they go from friends who annoy each other to the couple who annoys everyone else with their cute antics


Doom At Your Service

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While ‘Doom At Your Service‘ is a fantastical drama about an all-powerful being played by the handsome Seo In-guk falling for a terminally ill human who is played by the bubbly Park Bo-young, it is the sub-plot and the romance growing between the secondary leads that caught everyone’s eye. 

Shin Do-hyun’s Ji-na is an author who uses her ex’s name, Lee Hyun-kyu as her nom de plume and uses him as an inspiration for all her main characters. The brusque Cha Joo-ik played by Lee Soo-hyuk is her editor and also the roommate of the cowardly ex played by Kang Tae-oh. In a complicated love triangle, questioning morality and ethics, viewers wait at the edge of their seats to see who Ji-na will pick over the downright romance of the main leads.



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Based on the webtoon of the same name, ‘Nevertheless‘ stars Song Kang, the ‘Son of Netflix’ and Han So-hee known for ‘The World of the Married.’ A realist K-Drama, ‘Nevertheless’ is a change of pace from the usual romantic dramas that viewers are accustomed to. A revolutionary take on modern love that many will find quite relatable, it is the story of Yoo Na-bi and Paek Jae-eon and their unspeakable chemistry despite their many flaws.

Disillusioned with love and destiny after a bad relationship, Na-bi vows to never date again till she falls head over heels for Jae-eon, who is known to be a playboy. The ongoing drama follows a will-they or won’t-they end up together storyline, which leaves fans torn as they wonder who to root for.


With K-Dramas finally branching out from the set format of how a romance should be portrayed, the current dramas are a fun amalgamation of different kinds of love and full of imperfect yet relatable, morally grey characters who too deserve happiness. If you liked these recent K-Dramas, here are some more current romantic shows that are bound to make your heart flutter: ‘Imitation,’ ‘Blue Spring From A Distance‘ and ‘Hospital Playlist 2.’