5 Modern, Real-life Indo-Korean Love Stories

All of us Indian K-Poppers who have dreamed of traveling to Korea, meeting our favourite idols and experiencing the Korean culture, have an innate love for the country of South Korea which is like our own personal fantasy land where all our dreams of life’s joys and even love can come true!

Many Indian K-Poppers already know and look up to the legend of what is probably ‘Korea’s First-Ever International Marriage’ between King Suro of Geumgwan Gaya and the Indian Princess Suriratna of Ayodhya. It stands as a symbol of love overcoming the international boundaries between India and Korea. However, this legend is thousands of years old and hasn’t been proven yet! Hence, can’t be regarded as a “definite” beacon of budding love being possible now, in the 21st century, between the citizens of our two countries. 


Queen Suriratna (Heo Hwang-ok) and King Suro as  displayed at Gimhae Gaya Theme Park


Hence, KHIGH brings to you modern, real-life love stories of 5 such Indo-Korean couples that managed to overcome the limitations of differing cultures, thoughts, and lifestyles, to create their very own ‘happily ever after’ 🙂


1. Kadambari and Gunwoo Park

Source: @masalakimchifamily


Kadambari and Gunwoo are an interracial married couple who live and run their own business of trading and consultancy in India (Gurgaon, Haryana). They have been married since 2013 and even have a cute baby boy named ‘Youngjai Park’, whose adorable daily life vlogs are quite popular on Youtube! 

Their marriage was one that followed all the Indian marriage customs and rituals of the Haldi ceremony, Sangeet, etc. The highlight, however of their marriage as they fondly recounted was the memorable “Juta Churai” tradition where even Gunwoo Park’s Korean friends took part and had a lot of fun!


Check out their fun-filled wedding ceremony: 


2. Anisha and Jinhee Kang

Source: @anisha2795


This young sweet couple had a grand wedding celebration that transcended but also paid homage to both cultures as it was a two-way affair: an Indian wedding with its own festive traditions, followed by a Korean wedding with its equally beautiful wedding photoshoots that Korea is known for! 

An incident that is sure to be capture every K-Poppers’ attention is that Anisha actually received BTS’ Map of the Soul: Persona Album (and three more albums) as wedding gifts from her friends 😉


Check out their Indian wedding: 


3. Nisa and Jang Gyeong-deok

Source: @nisa.jang


This couple’s love story started in a Starbucks cafe in Burj Khalifa, Dubai where while waiting for their coffee, they chit-chatted a little, exchanged numbers, and soon were enjoying their first date at Starbucks after becoming a couple! 

Jang Gyeong-deok wrote our Mallu Shawol girl, Nisa a cute ‘I Love You’ confession in Hindi thinking it to be her mother-tongue and Nisa, corrected him and patiently taught him his first Malayali words, ‘I Love You’ while accepting his confession! Now, they are happily married and are living together in Korea 🙂


Check out the cute recounting of their story:


4. Youtuber Couple of Korindian Diaries

Source: @captain_nano_8888


This Indo-Korean couple in their early 30s has the funniest “first-meet” story when they met at a common friend’s birthday party in 2015. The couple live in Japan right now and also have a cute 5-months old baby called Pico, who just celebrated her first Diwali in October this year!

According to them the toughest part of their interracial marriage was convincing both their parents. It took them a long time period of 6 months approx. in finally getting their parents’ approval but their happy lives together after it makes it well worth it 🙂




5. Neesha and Hwang Uiseung 

Source: @neeshanalla


Tying the knot with a beautiful Telegu wedding, Neesha and Hwang Uiseung have been married for 3 years now. Neesha, in order to live with her husband in Korea, learned Korean through self-study and Youtube.

However, this culture learning isn’t just a one-way thing. Hwang Uiseung has also been learning about the Indian culture and language and even sang a heartfelt “Tum Hi Ho” cover dedicated to Neesha!

Check out their Telegu Wedding ceremony:



These couples’ love stories are proof that your dreams of finding Indo-Korean love aren’t just hopeless fantasies but can actually come true!


Which love story was the most heartwarming according to you?
Which couples’ story do you want your life to play out like ;)?
Spill your thoughts in the comments.