KHIGH Summer Camp BB Fanmeet

The Korean R&B artist BB was at the global fanmeet as a part of KHIGH Summer Camp convened for the first time this year. Fans had a one-to-one session with the artist, completed taken aback by his amiable echt the event was a big success due to many reasons. Fans recalled a few of their favorites from BB’s discography like 20, ‘Melting Me‘, ‘Desert Flower‘, and BB even crooned to some of the song requests. Here are the top highlights of BB’s fanmeet in the KHIGH Summer Camp:


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1. BB’s Ingenious Way Of Creating Music

BB is one of those down-to-earth artists that don’t impinge over the time required to produce and create music. Other artists might take a day but for him, the consideration of a ‘time frame’ is not in his process of making music; he believes in eliminating every ounce of dubious shred that eventually gives him his perfect track.

He shared his sophisticated outlook in creating music, where he originally intends to work in R&B by mixing a variety of genres along with, like Neo-Kpop, KHip-Hop, and so on. His limit is not set to one type of music but rather evolving his preference in R&B with the other growing Korean compositions.

2. BB’s Inspiration Behind His Tracks

On many fans’ requests, BB shared his experiences that gave birth to his present-day music. ‘Morning Cafe’, the romantic track that has gained global popularity was an outcome of his reminiscing feelings after his trip to Jeju Island. BB’s specialty as an artist comes from the fact that he narrates the experiences that he observes in his surroundings, through his music.

3. Fan Reaction On His New Release ‘Bad Thoughts‘

Lucky enough to meet him after just an hour of his music release, Indian fans narrated their thudded excitement and immense love for his new track ‘Bad Thoughts’. Some of the fans even quoted ‘Hooked over it’, ‘Playing on repeat’, ‘Can describe the amazing feeling’, while expressing their thoughts about the track.

4. BB’s Love For Body Art

BB has an aesthetic interest in body art, he even showed three of his tattoos to the fans. One was on the left corner of his neckline which was a key with his birth date. The second was on his right arm, a symbol of peace beautifully colored in yellow-black ink. The third on the same arm was the tattoo of a dog. BB was really excited to talk about his body art, fans surely know the topic that is intriguing to him.

5. BB Spills The Beans

There is no KHIGH fanmeet without a spoiler alert, and BB carried on the trend so well. To one of the fan’s questions on ‘Morning Cafe’, BB revealed his plans of releasing an acoustic version of the track in August.

To conclude, other than singing for him and making him speak in Hindi with words like “Me Apse Pyar Karta Hun”, Fans went gaga with the excitement of seeing BB live. The fanmeet definitely messed up the serotonin level of every fan in the event. Don’t forget to check out his new track ‘Bad Thoughts’, released on 27th June.

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