It’s marked 6 years with GOT7 on January 16th, and this anniversary has awaited us with a lot of events. It has bought immense kindness- spend in charity and a whole lot of celebration from different parts of India. Aghases from India are budding major platforms of the fandom while staying in their active stages of love for their beloved idols.

This video of gratitude is made by all our little birds flocked together. It stirs you with what they- and their music means to the fandom. Speaking from the depths of their hearts, you can relate to these teens about how much the band has influenced many.

As the anniversary date approached the calendar, every Aghase hopped and spread their wings, chirping their call for Aghases’.

Nagpur aghases gathered for some fun activities anticipating both the leader- JB’s birthday and GOT7’s Anniversary. Being teamed up with IKFCN [Indo Korea Fan Club Nagpur], they wanted to procure a new club for GOT7. Hence making it up to the event.

Hyderabad had a little meet and greet with cake cutting to attribute for the anniversary.

Manipur’s baby birds had snapped pictures that would fit into a grand birthday frame, with their organized event. Just as happy we are, they felt the same with the family that they had gathered with common interest.

The Chennai Aghases executed God’s plan by lending a helping hand to the needy. Even as 8 of them teamed up, they funded a mammoth amount of 22700/- rupees for the anniversary.

They singly collected and contributed the whole sum of money and it stays an understatement to express their nobility of the deed. Part of it (18000/- rupees) was donated for the kids’ education, and the rest on cake and goodies that they distributed. With a beautiful handwritten thank you poster spelt out for Got7, they called it a day with the wonderful interactions they had with the kids.