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PSY had promised that 10 years after ‘Gangnam Style’ he would be back with even a more spectacular release that would rival his 2012 viral single. And it looks like he stuck to his word as his newest album PSY 9th is taking over K-Pop. From tricking BTS’ Suga to dancing in his music video to collaborating with 10 artists and bringing back Suzy’s miss A era, it has been a wild ride. Well, let’s take a look at 9 iconic moments from ‘PSY 9th’.


9 Moments From PSY’s Album ‘PSY 9TH’

PSY tricking Suga into joining him in the music video of ‘That That’

PSY pretty much broke K-Pop Twitter when he announced that his title track ‘That That’ would be produced by BTS’ Suga. Each day we got new information right till watching the music video where Suga makes his grand entrance. But the best part was when they revealed that PSY tricked the idol by getting him more involved as he went from a producer on the track to dancing with PSY in the music video of ‘That That’.


‘That That’ saying goodbye to the ‘Gangnam Style’ era

With ‘Gangnam Style’ being the international sensation it was, everyone could recognize the blue suit that PSY once again wore in the music video of ‘That That’. And it had a pretty deep meaning instead of just being a stylistic choice. With Suga beating up ‘Gangnam Style’ PSY, the soloist announces that his 2012 viral era is part of the past and he’s ready to show the world ‘That That’ PSY. 


PSY creating mini music videos on music shows

Music shows are an inherent part of K-Pop promotions as fans get to enjoy performances from their favorite artists in exciting new outfits. But leave it to PSY to go all out and beyond as his very first music show stage was pretty much the whole KBS building from the offices to the steps outside as he created a mini-music video while performing ‘That That’ on ‘Music Bank’


PSY finally releasing the 3-year old ‘Celeb’ collab with Zico and Suzy

Remember PSY’s concert back in 2019 when he surprised fans by bringing Bae Suzy on stage to perform an unreleased track. And while fans love actress Suzy it has been a while since we saw her idol persona from her former girl group miss A. And if that wasn’t enough, soloist and Block B’s leader Zico too had collaborated as he co-produced the track. Well, fast-forward 3 years later, that track is finally out of the dungeon as Celebwill now get an HD music video.


PSY wanting Hwasa and only Hwasa for ‘NOW’

Hwasa truly is the industry’s favorite from collaborating with JYP for that shocking MAMA performance to being roped in by PSY for the track NOW. The retro and jazzy song with an equally eccentric performance video perfectly complements PSY and Hwasa’s synergy and it looks like the former felt the same way. PSY revealed that he only wanted the Mamamoo star for ‘NOW’ and if he couldn’t get her he would never release the track.


PSY adding that ‘hip thrust’ move for ‘That That’ TikTok challenge

Everyone knows that it cannot be a PSY song unless the release has a stupidly amazing and high-energy dance. And ‘That That’ doesn’t disappoint. From the up-down move and PSY’s version of the shoot to hip thrusts and the running man, ‘That That’ has it all. So, while the idol had a treasure trove to pick from to create the ‘That That’ TikTok challenge, he went ahead and added the epic hip thrust, you know the one where Suga goes all out.


‘That That’ tops iTunes in 73 regions in a day

Back in the 2010s, many had wondered what would have happened if the ‘Gangnam Style’ viral star and ‘monster rookies’ BTS had ever collaborated. Well, better late than never because we finally got that collaboration and it has pretty much taken over the charts. From topping in South Korea as ‘That That’ featuring Suga debuted at #1 on Bugs, the collab also did well internationally. The song topped iTunes in 73 regions in less than a day of its release and India was one of the first few countries to get the song charting at #1 in the first hour.

PSY 9th K-Pop
Source: @psy_oppa on Twitter


PSY collaborating on almost every track

Not only is PSY a talented singer, dancer, and producer he also has great taste as he roped in some of the greatest artists in the K-Pop industry. And each artist perfectly suited the track they were featured in. We had BTS’ Suga producing the lead single ‘That That’. Zico and Suzy had worked on ‘Celeb’ 3 years ago. His labelmates Jessi, Heize, and even Crush made an appearance on the album. We also had Hwasa, Giriboy, and ballad singer Sung Si Kyung working with PSY. Epik High’s Tablo wraps up the collabs with ‘forEVER’ which once again is a 3-year-old song that finally saw the light of day.

PSY declaring that the pandemic is over

South Korea and the rest of the world seem to be running in the opposite direction. When the world was on lockdown in 2020, the K-Pop industry was booming. And now while once again cases are on the rise, K-Pop barely saw over 15 cases in the month of April. With the country being applauded for deftly handling the pandemic, we now have PSY declaring that it is pretty much over. ‘That That’ is a celebratory song as the idol shares that it is now time to move on and enjoy life.


What were you looking forward to the most from PSY’s iconic comeback? Which tracks and moments from the ‘PSY 9th’ are your favorites? Which collaboration was the most surprising? Let us know in the comments below.
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