K-Pop SuperFest

The largest Asian Music Festa hosted by Joy Ruckus Club in collaboration with Sessions has recently entertained K-Pop fans worldwide via virtual platform. The SuperFest was commenced on June 20th 10:00 A.M (KST) and was live till 06:00 P.M (KST) on Yes24 Live Hall in Seoul. K-Pop SuperFest was also one of its kind since Sessions went high on promotion with their very first K-Pop focused Fest.

The line-up for this SuperFest embraced the top stars of K-Pop, ranging from Jessi, Rain, THE BOYZ, MOMOLAND, AB6IX, Ailee, AleXa, Bloo, Cravity, DJ Soda, Golden Child, GWSN, LovelyZ, to Woo!ah! The line-up was hence bound to steal everyone’s heart. The event was hosted by AleXa alongside co-host, THE BOYZ’s Kevin. This event was also undoubtedly the biggest virtual K-Pop SuperFest and the most anticipated one! The attending fans and artists alike, were swept away by the wholesome virtual experience they shared on this fest day.


Have you watched the K-Pop SuperFest? Whose stages did you enjoy the most? Share with us your experience and thoughts, in the comments below.