Kingdom Bobby Hwiyoung Sunwoo

Whether you’re following Mnet’s newest survival show, Kingdom: Legendary War or not, there is no denying that there are some amazing performances being churned out every week. The latest episode kicked off with the 3rd round, ‘No Limit’ where we saw team ‘MAYFLY’ consisting of BTOB, Stray Kids and Ateez winning the first part, i.e., the rap performance. But we are here to talk about the second team’s rap unit. iKON, SF9, and The Boyz teamed up as ‘iTS ONE’ and selected Bobby, Hwiyoung, and Sunwoo for their rap performance.

However, that is not the only reason why we are particularly focusing on them. When it comes to hip-hop and R&B in South Korea, there is a whole different side full of grit and appreciation of raw talent, separated from the mainstream K-Pop and idol culture. These 3 boys have been a part of this different side, making them some of the very few to be acknowledged by the underground music scene as well as the global K-Pop audience. Let’s take a look at their memorable stages on such hip-hop survival shows.


iKON’s Bobby On Show Me The Money 3

Did you know that iKON’s actually been on 5 survival shows if you include Show Me The Money 3 where Bobby was the only current member who participated? Not only that, he made his group proud by actually winning it in 2014 and breaking the stereotype many underground artists had, that idol rappers cannot rap. Everyone knew that he had it in the bag when he went all out while performing ‘YGGR#HIPHOP.’ It is impossible to look for just one highlight in this high-energy stage which got the audience’s blood pumping, but we can all agree that his perfect pronunciation and diction during the fast raps and his crowd control make us wonder whether he has some superpowers!


SF9’s Hwiyoung On High School Rapper 2

4 years later, we’d be seeing the quiet Hwiyoung go on to High School Rapper 2 to showcase his skills and to prove to his company why he deserved to have more than half a line in SF9’s songs. In the second round, where contestants had to use their own personal stories as inspiration, Hwiyoung decided to rap about the struggles of an idol. He wowed the audience with his stable flow and witty lyrics. His confidence and the emotions that poured out of his rap made the performance relatable to even those who hadn’t experienced the idol/trainee life.


The Boyz’s Sunwoo On High School Rapper 1

Sunwoo was only 17-years-old and still a trainee when he participated in the very first season of High School Rapper in 2017. As the only rapper in his company at that time, his performances were still commendable as he held his own during a fierce competition with equally stern judges. His brazenness and no-nonsense attitude were easily translated onto his stages as seen with his very first performance on the show. He used his idol training to put his whole body into the rap, suavely moving around the stage and engaging the audience as he moved to the beat to create an exciting performance.


The Trio Together On Kingdom: Legendary War

Made by Bobby with Hwiyoung and Sunwoo participating in the lyrics, ‘Full DaSH’ is an enjoyable, laid-back track that shows a fun, relaxed side of the three rappers. The three took inspiration from their past stages while working on the track with Hwiyoung using an autotune mic as his ace. Sunwoo on the other hand played up to his boyish charms which stood out in contrast to Bobby’s swagger and freestyle moves. While Bobby convinced Sunwoo to go with the flow and just enjoy the ride instead of having a K-Pop like choreographed stage, Hwiyoung was determined on ranking #1 on Kingdom. Well, his wish did come true in a sense with ‘knetz’ and their fans coming to their rescue. On releasing both the team’s tracks on music-streaming platforms, ‘Full DaSH’ actually topped Genius’ K-HipHop chart!  


How did you feel about the song and the trio’s latest performance together? Have you followed their journey in the other reality shows? Would you like to see this unit make a comeback again? Let us know in the comments below.