After dealing with malevolent spirits, The Uncanny Counter has gained the attention it deserves. Netflix’s drama series based on the prominent webtoon Amazing Rumor by Jang Yi has some canny ethereal narrative that proceeds with a lachrymose beginning, it has mystic elements coupled with action and thriller sequels. The untangling of the story is neither too subtle nor too direct. The drama has the whole enchilada of human emotions, with some emotional scenes that might get you running to a convenience store in search of tissues. Spoilers ahead! (T)read with caution! 😉

The story begins with a couple (So Kwon and Ha Moon Yeong) getting mysteriously killed in an accident with their only surviving son- So Moon, having his life as a cripple ahead. Brought up by his grandparents, his camaraderie Kim Woong Min and Im Joo Yeon, are his concierge that over-protect him from his guilt of killing his parents which frequently caused him panic attacks as he suffered from aphasia, on the sight of any truck or big moving vehicles; to say the least they were the external limb to his thwarting disabilities.

So Moon Joins The Team

Suddenly on the arrival of a level 3 evil spirit, the counters are agitated and they lose one team member during the job. While the spirit still roams free, the incarnation energy chooses So Moon as the next counter to join Ga Mo Tak, Do Ha Na, Chu Mae Ok, and Choi Jang Mool. These demon hunters disguise into running a noodle restaurant, to complete the task of finding the skedaddled demons to be summoned back to Yung-the eternal dimension of judgment.


More Emotional Challenges For The New Member

The taste of new power and energy puts the young teenager in compromising positions where he frequently lost control of his emotions resulting in his enervated self-control over his strength. He frequently found himself breaking the laws by meddling in mundane affairs, in order to protect his best-friends from assault and putting his incarnated partner Wi gen, at risk. The Level 3 antagonist suddenly becomes his main target after he learns the truth about his parents’ murder and their souls still captive to the demon for the past 7 years. Ga Mo Tak also learns about his former colleague and So Moon’s late father, which directs them towards tracing their leads on the investigation back then and the cause of their tragic ending 7 years ago.

The proceeding drama has the accurate depiction of a world run by power, where on one hand the monetary power has lead to the loss of so many lives including So Moon’s parents, a world where an honest citizen has no right to seek justice and on the other hand the cryptic rules of obeying the laws of becoming a counter, which expects humans to turn a blind eye at mundane affairs. The monopoly of power is the true antagonist of the entire drama. As the events unfold, So Moon loses his powers and finds himself on the path of recreating-finding his righteous judgment, and discovering his immense potential as he becomes the missing link that connects his world to yung. The exciting plot has a voluminous list of parallel events happening every moment, one can easily binge-watch this fiction series which is more like a sci-fi adventure.


More People Join The Crew

The sudden shift of the drama’s writer from Yeo Ji Na to Yoo Sun Dong and Kim Sae Bom, did ruin Ji Na’s comeback plan after 11 years, but the plot, from the viewer’s perspective, didn’t face a major diversion. Due to an opinion difference, the cast makers decision reflects some subtle changes, episode 12 had the onset of a different strategical approach against the antagonists from an offensive to a defensive attack mechanism. The final ending episodes of the drama unlike the usual, took the jeopardy of introducing a new character for a single episode and the later episodes even saw more screen time for Choi Jang Mool and the Mayor’s son Shin Hyuk Wo.

Towards the end, the drama focuses on the casualties of a real-world that become the evident cause for the birth of any antagonist, there is a back story for all the evil that exists. From a nascent blossoming love to some cold heart action scenes, the drama is the perfect encapsulation for every emotion and brings forth every minuscule with the exact crunch.