After School Members Reunite On Stage Together After A Whole Decade

After School, one of the most popular girl groups from the 2nd generation of K-Pop was recently brought together again by MMTG for their Hidden Gem Special Concert.

Following their debut in 2009, the group was quite successful and had hit songs such as Bang and Diva (which they performed a 2021 version of a few days ago). Unfortunately one of the members announced a few years back that After School had unofficially disbanded and parted ways. It had been 10 years since all of them stood on stage together but they got the whole K-Pop community buzzing about them and also managed to garner millions of views on their YouTube videos in 24 hours.

It wasn’t easy for all the members to be present on stage for the concert though. Kahi and Bekah live in Indonesia and Hawaii respectively but they specially flew in for this and member Jungah is 5 months pregnant but none of those could stop the reunion.

The fact that all the members in attendance managed to flawlessly pull off choreographies that they used to do years ago is beyond commendable, especially now that they’re much older- their main Dancer and center is 40! Yet, there was no stopping these ageless powerhouses from targeting the hearts of many new fans and leaving everyone in awe.

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