AleXA, who you might know as Alex Christine from Produce 48 makes her much-awaited debut with her single “Bomb”.

Or should I make a relatable reference, that Indian Kpopers will surely get?

Just earlier this year AleXA took digital India by storm by giving the sensational performance on the Bollywood classic “Bole Chudiye”. Now I have all desis’ attention, right? 😉



Coming to the ‘message‘ though we don’t think any of us missed it.


Not only were the Indian fans bonded with AleXA (YeeHaw Squad), but the fans certainly have a piece of her heart too. Which AleXA and her company ZB Label made sure to convey through the Futuristic Music Video.

The Hindi word “संसार” which means “World” can be seen in a holographic writing revolving as a billboard sign right at the very beginning and on other multiple timings throughout the music video.


This one we bet you all missed it!

During the dance sequence of the MV there’s a Sanskrit shlok (quotation) atop, gleaming bright, right at our souls!

“अस्मासु प्रत्येकः तस्य नियतेः अधिपतिः”

“Each of us is a master of one’s destiny”


“AleXA received so much love during her time in India, that we wanted to keep the fans in mind while we made the video; We wanted to show our gratitude.”

said a ZB Label staff in reference to the Hindi & Sanskrit writings in the Music Video.



The promising star wowed us with her potential as a dancer and singer, during The IN2IT tour in India and the K-Pop Contest 2019.

The single “Bomb” is everything we all anticipated, fresh, upbeat and unique. The sound also gives us a sharp nostalgic feel of the 2000s’ K-Pop, when we had more experimental music and aesthetic. It’s amusing how a futuristic video could serve such a throwback. But that’s not all “Bomb” is about. The video seems to explore the environment of a controlled world where a human-cyborg has an awakening in her to fight against it!

Setting strong messages from the very beginning, AleXa chose to explode the industry contrary to common debut concepts and we are living for it!




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