With the restriction on going out of our homes due to the tense times, the time we spend online living in the K-world has increased. We have been able to interact more with our idols, many a time getting noticed by them for being an “Indian Fan” or getting them to mention “India” in some way. Many celebs also surprised us with their own mention of India this year that got all of us jumping in our homes, with side glances of the family members.

So, today let’s relive all those exciting and serendipitous moments in 2020 where our favourite K-idols heard us Indian fans or surprised us with a mention of India!

#Bang Chan of Stray Kids

When Bang Chan was asked the following question in an interview with Billboard during their 2020 District 9: Unlock World Tour, he gave a huge surprise to the desi STAYs by saying that he sometimes listened to Indian Music as well!


#Yongseung of VERIVERY

Yongseung of VERIVERY, in his VLive had read the comments of an Indian fan (Jasmeet) and replied to them.

The comment had said “Yongseung ah, do you know about India? Please come to India.” To which he had replied “Ah India? Of course, I know about it. During childhood, I did study a lot about the World Map. Of course, I know India. New Delhi! That’s the Capital City.” delighting the desi VERRERS all over India 🙂



On Leader RM’s command, all the members of BTS together shouted, “Namaste BTS” as a greeting because they had found out that “#namasteBTS” had trended in our country like crazy when Spotify was launched in India and desi ARMYs celebrated the fact that they could now hear BTS songs on it!


Also in a Big Hit Corporate Briefing sometime in August,  India was mentioned as one of the top viewers of “Learn! Korean with BTS”!



In2IT who have already performed in India more times than probably any other K-Pop artists to date including special Bollywood tribute performances on songs like Bole Chudiyan, haven’t been forgotten by us desi In2Us even now!

This year only, Isaac on his live said he had watched the award-winning movie” Gully Boy” and even sang Bole Chudiyan sometime in April and then in his August’s live he again greeted the desi In2Us and said that he missed us T.T


Another member, JIAHN was also found saying “Namaste” and bopping to BTS’ track, Euphoria which was sure to have been an ear-pleasing treat for In2Us all over 😉


#Actor Lee Min Ho

The Minoz Fandom from India has proved it that distance is never a barrier when it comes to expressing love and appreciation for their Oppa and had received the ultimate gift, recognition from their beloved idol himself in the form of an autograph which he signed it with a special message for Minoz India saying, ‘Always Be Happy’.


Z BOYS and Z GIRLS probably gave us all the biggest surprise gifts as the Z-BOYS sang SRK’s famous song from “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai” and the Z-GIRLS sang another of our beloved tracks, “Tum Hi Ho”!

However, what really got us desi fans rolling in laughter and smiling goofily is when the Z-BOYS and Z-GIRLS played a game against each other where the non-Indian members on both the teams had to guess simple everyday Hindi words/slangs xD


#Taeyang of BIGBANG

In an Instagram post by Taeyang showing a picturesque shot of a river with a bridge across it, a desi V.I.P who was dying to know whether Taeyang knew about India and the Indian V.I.Ps that support him and Bigbang always, asked him the question and got quite a big surprise when Taeyang actually replied!




After the naming of his newly formed fandom as “WENEE”, soloist Wonho celebrated his birthday with the WENEEs by going live!

As if this wasn’t enough of a blessing, he further showered WENEEs all over the world telling them ‘I LOVE YOU’ in different languages including Hindi in which he cutely said “मैं तुमसे प्यार करता हूं” ❤!

# GOT7

GOT7 was also not shy about showing their love for India and the Indian Aghases, starting with Jackson’s sweet reply to an Indian fan’s tweet which asked him “When are you coming to India 🇮🇳?”.

Jackson also read a comment from an Indian Aghase and said “Hi to India, Love India” in one of his lives this year!

Member Mark also expressed his desire to come to India one day saying that even if it’s for just a vacation, he will one day!

Blessing Indian Aghases, other members of GOT7 like Jinyoung and Youngjae also greeted Indian fans on their respective lives after reading messages from desi iGOT7s 🙂



Known by name Liu, Super Junior member, Lee Sung Min also showed love for India during his Youtube LIVE as read a comment from an Indian fan and immediately changed his video’s background to the Taj Mahal, expressing a desire to see it in person one day!

He also read another lucky fan’s comment informing him of how Tik-Tok was now banned in India wherein he sympathized with us desi E.L.F.s saying that it was too bad.

Another member, Yesung also surprised and delighted the Indian E.L.F.s when he uploaded a masked selfie and a chic selfie on Twitter and Instagram respectively, with a Hindi caption that read, “ek achchha din hai”!


In his August live, Day6’s bassist Young K greeted India after reading an Indian My Day’s comment.

Aside from this, another great memory for Indian My Days this year would be the surprising moment when Vocalist and Guitarist, Jae or eaJ mentioned India in one of his lives saying he definitely wants to come to India and see all his Indian fans!


#Lisa of Blackpink

Blackpink’s lead dancer Lisa cutely grooving to an Indian song sung by one of the participants in the Chinese survival show ‘Youth With You 2020’ had all the Indian Blinks going gaga 😉


The best day for the Indian Neverlands this 2020 must have been the day when (G)I-dle’s CUTIE, YUQI noticed an Indian fan’s comment in her VLive and greeted India!


#Actor Lee Joon Gi

In his recent Instagram live in August, the amazing actor who is known for his great performance in K-Drama, Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo greeted his growing Indian fandom, which had all of us giddy with happiness at the recognition 🙂

Earlier in the year, we had also seen Actor Park Hae Jin speaking Hindi and enacting an Indian-styled commercial in his latest K-Drama, Kkondae Intern that had been the talk of all Indian K-Poppers at the time!

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*credits to all the accounts from which posts are sourced*