Vizag – first thing that comes to my mind when you hear the city name, for a K-POP fan, is nothing. Because nothing really happens there that is remotely related to K-POP and there probably aren’t any fans there either – right? WRONG!

Vizag recently enjoyed it’s first (probably, correct me if I’m wrong) K-POP event and was filled with K-POP enthusiasts like you & me! This was made possible because of “S K-POP Store” and most importantly because of the fans who approached S K-POP Store in order to make it happen. The event took place on 16th of September 2018, at “Hotel Winsar Park”.

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Yes, that would be something that I’d be feeling too, especially considering my hometown is also a place that is not considered as a K-POP “hub” ( and honestly Vizag has motivated & inspired me further to hold something like this in my hometown too!). 

The meetup consisted of various merchandise stalls where tons of official and unofficial merchandises( Photocards, Albums, Posters, Hand Cream, Stickers, Postcards, Badges, Tote bags, T-shirts, Caps etc ) from all of our favorite K-POP groups and K-Dramas (BTS, EXO, BLACKPINK, SHINee, BIGBANG, IKON, SNSD, MONSTA X, GOT7, WANNA ONE, STRAY KIDS, LEE MIN HO, JI CHANG WOOK, MY LOVE FROM ANOTHER STAR, HEALER, DESCENDANTS OF THE SUN)  were available for sale. This was coupled with mouth-watering South Korean delicacies ( Yes, both veg & non-veg – not sure about onion & garlic!) – available for the fans to try out!

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But the HIGHLIGHT of the event (apart from the birthday celebration of course!), if we could call it, is probably the MV screening and the talk your heart out segment. Imagine all your favorite K-POP MVs on a large screen, surrounded by K-POP fans, K-POP being blasted off the roof! Yeah, that’s what fans from Vizag experienced! The uniqueness of this event is in the “Talk your heart out” corner where fans share among themselves about what being a fan is to them and how they feel finding new fans! Irrespective of where you’re from, the stories you hear are strangely relatable and something that truly makes the fandom more of a “One Big Family”.The event concluded with the cake cutting and singing “saeng il chuk ha ham ni da…~” and fighting over who gets RM’s hand or Jungkook’s face!


Finally here’s how the organizers felt about the event. In order to keep the feeling alive, I decided the put the thoughts down without editing/adulterating it;

People said this is the first time something Kpop related has happened in Vizag. Also, this is my store’s first event in Vizag so it was really exciting. Those who attended said they enjoyed a lot and would want such events frequently in Vizag. The best part to me is that people thanked me for organizing this event, because, when I see my fellow Kpop fans happy, it makes me happy. As a Kpop fan myself, I’ve been through and understand the struggles of not getting enough platform to express our passion for Kpop. So I really feel happy to serve my fellow Kpop fans.