AOORA Firework

R&B singer and rapper, AOORA, is back again after three months with his latest single, ‘Firework‘. Bringing fresh sounds to his discography, like combining Brazilian Funk in his previous January release, ‘Birthday Cake‘, the singer has been garnering attention from international and domestic fans alike. Adding further to his more than a decade-long musical journey, he’s now defining his musical presence with soft pop notes, as a vocalist through ‘Firework’.

The thrilling teaser images for ‘Firework’ had raised expectations for this release and fans have surely not been let down as AOORA once again, has exceeded them all.


AOORA – Firework

AOORA conveys his sincere and sentimental thoughts through ‘Firework’, no matter what the teaser which had him playing a zombie, might have had the viewers guessing. The song brings the concept into a whole new light, where we see how humanity has suffered in the tough times of COVID-19. The song is his take on folk-pop with slow, minimal instrumentation, very different from his usual style. He sings in his most heartfelt, soulful voice to communicate his message to the listeners.

The single dropped on the 27th of April and the music video a week later on the 3rd of May. AOORA wrote the song himself, expressing gratitude towards his fans as he stated, “What will happen to the world and us if a serious virus suddenly spreads at a time when COVID-19 is still among us? What feeling would I have before I die? I think it would be sad if the precious but small happiness that I saw and felt every day changed. That’s why I made this song. We can’t see each other as often as before, but I hope the day when we can meet again comes soon. I just want to say thank you.” 


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