Armaan Malik Eric Nam KSHMR

On May 17th Singers Armaan Malik and Eric Nam shared that they have worked on a track ‘ECHO’ in collaboration with Indian-American Musician KSHMR (Real name: Niles Hollowell-Dhar). The track is set to be released on Friday i.e. 21th May 2021.

Mellifluent Indian singer Armaan Malik has shown his interest in K-Pop on many occasions. His fans are also aware that he shares a good friendship with the Korean-American singer Eric Nam since both the artists have indulged amiable online interaction, brewing their friendship. Armaan Malik has also covered tracks of famed Korean artists from BTS to EXO previously on his Social Media.

The Indian singer had also pumped the endorphins of Indian EXOLs with his post sharing his excitement of the upcoming EXO’s Special Album, “DON’T FIGHT THE FEELING”.

However, the biggest surprise for all which got the Indian K-Pop fans hyped was his mystical post on May 16th. The singer had posted on his Twitter a picture that seems to be his latest release. What caught the eye of many Indian K-Pop enthusiasts was the mention of “KST” in the post. Many fans started speculating that the artist is set to release his collaboration with a Korean artist.

Just while fans were making speculations Eric Nam, the Korean-American artist tweeted a post with his gif, which made it obvious that both the artists had been working together on something huge!


This marks the first collaboration between Armaan Malik and Eric Nam alongside KSHMR. Hence, it is with heightened anticipation that the fans of both artists await this collaboration. These fans have taken Twitter by storm as they shared their glee over the news online.


Check out the recently released teaser for ‘ECHO’ here:

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