ASTRO’s JINJIN&ROCKY have come together as the latest sub-unit of the K-Pop group, raising anticipation and excitement among fans for their 1st mini-album, “Restore”. The 5-tracked EP which was introduced in the form of witty-engaging teasers is another testimony of the duo’s excellent composing and songwriting abilities – songs ‘Complete Me’ and ‘CPR’, being written and produced by Rocky, while songs ‘Lazy ft. Choi Yoo Jung of Weki Meki’ and ‘Lock Down’, being written and produced by JinJin!


JINJIN&ROCKY – ‘Just Breathe’ [Restore]

If there’s just a one-liner that could be said to describe the lead song, ‘Just Breathe’, it would be – ‘It is the most heartwarming serotonin booster dose out there’! With lyrics wishing to go back to the social pre-COVID days where all problems could be forgotten with the right company and all fatigue healed with a lovely vacation, the song reverberates with lasting laughter, refreshing energy, and chaotic togetherness!

The play between elements of dance, pop, jazz infusions, wittily utilized ambient sounds like morning aerobics, and more to bring together the wide variety of things going on in “Just Breathe” also demands recognition for JinJin & Rocky’s combined production and songwriting skills. Belting out lyrics like, “It will be difficult, but if we are together I will overcome any hardships” and “Breathe In, Breathe Out”, JINJIN&ROCKY hence weave together a feel-good song that banks on the duo’s melodic vocals and rap flows, the fun-filled dance routine, the relatable music video, and the accompanying instrumentation that enhances the cheery mood manifolds. “Just Breathe” offers us the perfect staycation mood to overcome the monotonous cabin fever that has taken over our worlds!


Have you checked out “Restore” by ASTRO’s JINJIN&ROCKY? Which track from the EP is your favorite? Spill your thoughts in the comments.
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