Astro Moonbin Sanha Refuge

After their groovy debut with ‘Bad Idea’, Moonbin & Sanha are back again after two years with another promising and catchy lead single ‘Who’. As Astro’s first sub-unit, the two took K-pop by storm with their graceful moves and seductive performance. They teased their second mini-album ‘Refuge’ with the R&B pre-release ‘Ghost Town’. While Moonbin & Sanha, unfortunately, contracted Covid-19 a week before the release, they are back with a bang with ‘Refuge’.

Moonbin & Sanha released ‘Refuge’, their 2nd mini-album and its title track ‘Who’ on March 15. The 5-track EP immediately trended on Twitter and MelOn. And fans showed their support by helping the Astro members’ mini-album enter several charts like #1 on iTunes in 10 distinct regions and #3 on Hanteo. The album also bagged the #6 spot on Worldwide iTunes Album Chart.Who’ also ranked in the top 40 of Bugs and Genie upon release. All of the other b-side tracks also entered the Bugs chart (at the time of writing).


Moonbin & Sanha – Who [Refuge]

The Astro members get dark and mysterious in ‘Who’ as they face their inner demons in the supernatural music video. The title track is an energetic dance-pop song with thumping bass and powerful beats. Moonbin & Sanha become saviors of all as they use music to erase everyone’s pain and provide a hideout for those in need with ‘Refuge’. ‘BOO’ is a dreamy b-side full of synths and electric guitar while ‘DIA’ takes a retro route. Finally, ‘Distance is a fun pop song with acoustic instrumentals and a hip hop arrangement that showcases the Astro sub-unit’s range.


Were you looking forward to the first comeback by Moonbin & Sanha unit? Did you like ‘Refuge’? What was your favorite part of the ‘Who’ music video? Let us know in the comments below.
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