Yesterday on the 28th of October an Atiny on Twitter posted a video of Ateez addressing Indian fans as cultural representatives of Korean culture abroad. Sure enough, this video blew up and made several Atinys in India buzz with excitement. Although the context of the small clip wasn’t too clear, one thing sure was- Ateez would love to come to India and meet Indian Atinys!

We got in touch with the admin of @ateez_india on Instagram to get more insight into the matter and they provided us with the following details-

“Ateez are the representing icons for Korean culture abroad as an hononary ambassador of the Korean Culture and Information Service (KOCIS) for the year 2020 since they were awarded the title in early May this year.

They were also the face of this year’s Talk Talk Korea; which is a program launched by the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism in partnership with the Overseas Cultural Affairs Agency, and the Ministry of Foreign affairs. It invites Hallyu lovers to participate in content creation to show their joy for Korea and Korean culture.

Given their stance as ambassadors they were probably a part of the promotional panel for the 1st ever ‘India Business Forum‘ as hosted by Newsis (a South Korean News Agency). And as promoters of the event, they were ones to release a short video addressing the situation and cheering on for the event.

The event itself was supposed to be a group of corporate conferences in order to promote and maintain Indo-Korean business relations.

Although they didn’t say so in the video, the group was most likely supposed to be physically present in India for this event but could make it due to the current COVID-19 situation. Atinys on Twitter then began trending the hashtag #IndiaLovesATEEZ to let Ateez know how much they are loved and that they we will be waiting for them.

Desi stans took to Twitter to voice their excitement send love to Ateez as well as talk about how they hope to see their idols in India one day soon!


So, are you an Indian Atiny that’s hoping to see Ateez in India one day soon? What do you think of this surprise message to us? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!