In mid-October, the Indian K-Pop community witnessed a mega-crossover between K-Dance Community India (KDCI),  Ateez India and our very own KPOP HIGH INDIA on the occasion of Ateez’s 2nd anniversary. 


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#ATEEZ (@ateez_official_ ) Anniversary special: National Dance cover project + Dance Challenge Organised by @kdancecommunity_india_ & @ateez_india in association with @kpophighindia For all the details on how to participate please check the post. You can DM @kdancecommunity_india_ incase of any queries or comment down below. Tag Kpop-dance enthusiasts below 💃🕺 🔹Message by the organisers🔹 @kdancecommunity_india_ ✨JOIN OUR WONDERLAND ✨ Calling out Atiny from all over the nation!! We’re back with a debut anniversary project yet again! Let’s celebrate ATEEZ’s 2nd anniversary together shall we? . We’re glad to announce that we’re making this bigger than any project before. In collaboration with the Indian Atiny’s muse @ateez_india and every kpopper’s destination @kpophighindia this ATEEZ dance cover project will definitely be our aurora ✨🙌🏻 . #KPOPHIGHINDIA

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The project involved two main components- a Dance Challenge and a National Dance Cover Project. Participants were required to upload a 1 minute cover of Ateez’s title songs. Participants of the Dance Challenge would be featured on KDCI’s Instagram and the best entries for the National Dance Cover Project would be uploaded as a medley on KDCI’s YouTube channel on Ateez’s anniversary. The entries were open to both groups as well as individuals. In the next few days, KDCI had posted over 34 dance covers on Ateez’s iconic songs.


We spoke to KDCI about how the event came into force:

“We were planning to do a national dance project and ATEEZ Debut Anniversary was just around the corner. Our SNS team, Rhea and Navi were preparing for it and our team was brainstorming about what should we do this time. Soon after we thought maybe collaborating with a bigger platform who has actively participated in the growth of Hallyu wave would help this project reach a bigger audience and we both can work towards the same goal and that’s how KPOP HIGH INDIA’s name came into the discussion and we decided to approach.”


Indian K-Dancers, from novices and amateurs to widely favourite K-cover maestros, all geared in and put up a commendable show. The end result was a spectacular medley of powerful and cheery choreographies on all of Ateez’s iconic tracks. 


We don’t need to tell you how well-received it was, you can check out the video and the zealous comments yourself!


Don’t overlook the grooviest of covers posted on their Instagram:

We asked KDCI about their motive for the project and their audience:

“This project was for all K-dancers but it was also an Ateez project, something Atinys might look forward to so we decided to collaborate with ATEEZ India and their regional associates as they’re doing the most when it comes to supporting ATEEZ and their activities. After all our team agreed on this idea we decided to go ahead with it.”

Sure enough, both K-Coverists and A-TINY’s had a blast participating in and witnessing this megaevent.


And of course, we had to hear about the event response from KDCI itself, who delineated:

“We didn’t expect such a swift response from KPOP HIGH INDIA as it’s a big platform but they were pretty supportive and Ateez India helped with constant promotion of the event. The response wasn’t huge considering how everyone is going through something or another in this pandemic but the response was still noteworthy and we loved how many K-dancers came forward to make this event a success.”


Many cheers to all teams and organizations like KDCI and Ateez India who come up with amusing initiatives to promote and provide a platform for all the Hallyu enthusiasts in India!


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