Calling out Atiny from all over the nation! We’re back with a debut project yet again.
Brace yourself, because this time, it’s a two event project to celebrate their 2 years with us 💞 and guess what, you can be a part of both!

We’re glad to announce that we’re making this project bigger than ever. In collaboration with Indian Atiny’s muse @ateez_india and every kpopper’s destination @kpophighindia this ATEEZ dance cover project will definitely be our aurora 🙌🏻

Here’s a set list you can cover:
Pirate King
Hala Hala
Say My Name

So, here are the two events lined up:
👉 ATEEZ Dance Challenge
👉 National Dance Cover Project

Make sure to check out the notes at the bottom.


👉 For the Ateez Dance Challenge

Upload a video not more than 1 minute of any Ateez song (chorus part)
Must be a follower of KDCI and Ateez India Instagram page
Tag KDCI and @ateez_india in your cover.
Mention the hashtag-#KDCI_AteezDanceChallenge
(Covers without the hashtag won’t be reposted.)
Challenge will go live from October 18th to October 24th (8:30pm) covers will not be accepted after that.

👉 For the National Dance Cover Project

Upload your 1 minute cover to your Google drive.
Fill the google form -https://forms.gle/ahpJjYo794Bhpe6v9
Also given in bio of KDCI/Ateez India Instagram page.
Attach your cover video using the option as provided in the form- “Upload from drive”
Covers can be submitted from October 18th to October 24th ( before 8:30pm) covers wont be accepted after that.

(All the entries for the National Dance Cover Project will be combined into an Ateez Medley Dance Cover by Indian K-Dancers and will be uploaded on our YouTube channel on 25th October, 2020. Check out our previous project here: https://youtu.be/joUOQ8fuZtE)

Please note:
• Your account must be public for us to repost your cover on our page.

• The entries can either be by a group or an individual 🤗 we support both! So feel free!

• You can participate with multiple entries , one of them will be reposted on our Instagram for the challenge and all of them will be featured in the final cover project video.

• Covers with accurate Choreography , good video quality will be preferred for posting and to be used for the cover project video.

• DM us for queries!