Ateez Blue Summer iTunes India

Ateez released their Japanese single album “Dreamers” on July 28. Their last Japanese release had been the 2nd studio album “Into The A to Z,” which was released way back in March. The “Dreamers” EP has an expansive tracklist with the “Digimon” OST “Dreamers” as well as the refreshing summer bop “Blue Summer.”

Along with the EP and the title track “Dreamers” topping several charts, “Blue Summer” has also been making a name for itself. “Blue Summer” entered the iTunes chart of several countries and that even includes India. Apparently, the track reached a new peak at #1 on iTunes India on July 28. Currently, it is at #2 while the other tracks like “Still Here” and “Dreamers” have also entered the top 40 (at the time of writing this).

Blue Summer

The b-side is a dreamy yet upbeat track that is quintessential Ateez with hints of trap-infused melody. The pre-chorus is fun as they smoothly transition to the chorus with percussive synths and samplers and a staccato-like rhythm. They continue with their Peter Pan style storyline of never growing old. Even with the obvious title, “Blue Summer” is a deceptively cheery song as the boys sing about fun times coming to an end. Hoping to only enjoy the endless summer, they wish to stay away from days that are blue and nights that don’t shine.

With the release of this Japanese single, Ateez has joined IZ*ONE, Enhypen and TXT as the only fourth-gen group to have more than 25k sales on the first day itself. They’re also the first fourth-gen group to rank at #1 on iTunes US with a Japanese album. They even ranked high on South Korean charts like MelOn and Genie and the EP topped the Worldwide iTunes Album Chart. With several of their songs being played at the Tokyo Olympics and Ateez constantly trending, the boys seem to be growing globally.


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