B.I Is Ready To Give Back To His Fans With His New Album 'Midnight Blue'

B.I (Kim Hanbin) is all set to make his mark on the music industry again with a new album release! He will make his nostalgic return through ‘Midnight Blue’ on 19th March 2021.

The album is extremely special – instead of being sold as a commercial project, all the album revenue will be donated to charities working for children in need, both in South Korea and abroad.

It is expected that the album will also contain the demo songs which B.I had released it on his SoundCloud during his hiatus, after leaving iKON making the album even more evocative. The SoundCloud demo songs were B.I’s way to communicate with his fans where they supported him wholeheartedly through his testing times. The mutual love between his fans and him is extremely heartwarming.

The donation album production will only be limited to 10,000, as 131 Label has announced.

Recently, B.I has been active through exclusive content on 131EXCLUSIVE – B.I’s original subscription content provider that relays his news, official videos, and images only to subscribers by e-mail (this subscription is currently closed). The album release dates and the teasers were released through 131EXCLUSIVE.

Check out the teaser here:


Last year, IOK also appointed B.I the company’s executive director. In addition, he garnered kudos by participating in Epik High’s 10th album, ‘Epik High Is Here’ which was released in January this year.

Our wait is finally coming to fruition. We will get to see B.I in his raw glory after a long break. His dedication towards his music and his sincerity towards his fans and society is admirable. We wish all the success for ‘Midnight Blue’ and the best for his future.

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