B.I BTBT Soulja Boy

It seems that B.I aka Kim Hanbin is about to make 2022 his year. From becoming the first K-Pop idol to perform at the Grammy Global Spin to rebranding his label to 131, the soloist has much planned. He had first shared that he was planning on launching a global project and so, we are finally getting more details on it as the first pre-release single of the album features iconic American rapper Soulja Boy and DeVita.

As part of the album, ‘Love Or Loved (LOL) Part 1’, B.I dropped the pre-release ‘BTBT’ featuring Soulja Boy and DeVita. With ‘BTBT’ referencing the Korean phrase for ‘staggering’, the song is all about falling hard and fast in love at first sight. B.I shares that ‘BTBT’ expresses finding love in the most unexpected of places and the emotional and physical attraction that follows the emotion. And while the song is about loving passionately and having no regrets, the music video and concept could not be the polar opposite.


B.I x Soulja Boy – BTBT’

While B.I’s previous solo music videos have either been full of angst or acting, fans have missed idol Kim Hanbin dancing and showing off his visuals. Well, ‘BTBT’ did not disappoint, as we get rockstar B.I complete with a lip piercing and slick back hair in leather. The sci-fi music video compliments the groovy melody of the track full of synths and heavy bass. We get a second version of the single with Soulja Boy’s rap who comes in the second verse with his signature flow. The song was much loved internationally as well as it topped iTunes in several regions like India and Thailand in the first 24 hours of its release!


Did you like the collab of B.I with Soulja Boy and DeVita? Have you heard ‘BTBT’? What part of the music video was your favorite? Let us know in the comments.
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