B.I - Midnight Blue

Fans all over the world were waiting to see when B.I would make his musical return after leaving iKon in 2019. Well, the wait is finally over. After collaborating with Epik High on “Acceptance Speech” and opening his SoundCloud, B.I has debuted with his first single album, “Midnight Blue” of the LOVE STREAMING project whose revenues will go to children in need. Released on March 19, 2021, the single album consists of 3 tracks with “Midnight Blue” as the lead single.

The track “Midnight Blue” entered the iTunes chart of 31 regions including India within 3 hours of its release. The title track charted at #3 on iTunes India. To show their never-ending support, Indian fans helped the rest of the tracks enter the charts too. “Remember me” was at #14 and “Blossom” was at #19 on Indian iTunes Songs Chart at the time of writing this article.

B.I’s Midnight Blue

Taking inspiration from his recent experience, it looks like B.I used his pain to come out stronger and to help those who might be enduring similar things. “Midnight Blue” is like a harmonious hug to his fans as his soulful voice sings about staying strong with lyrics like “Deep at night, you swallow your cries / Your life filled with scars / But I will pretend I don’t know / So you can cry.” The bittersweet ballad full of haunting instrumentals is followed by “Remember me.” B.I opts for a simple arrangement of a strumming guitar letting his vocals come to the forefront as he asks fans to “remember me” and to cherish the memories they made along the way. The album ends with the upbeat “Blossom” as he happily thanks his fans for always staying by his side.

Not only that, to show their undying love, Indian fans have taken it one step further. @iKON_India has donated Rs. 10,131 on behalf of B.I to World Vision India. They had some help as @manju_131 partnered up with the Indian fanbase as well as @131label_India to make this happen.

We knew that B.I would be back with a bang but we are absolutely touched by the love and support he continues to receive along with his innovation idea of the LOVE STREAMING project. We cannot wait to see what he does next. We do hope to see his lovely face and fierce dancing skills in his next music video, though. What were your thoughts on this comeback? Did you like “Midnight Blue?” Let us know!