B.I’s ‘WATERFALL’ marks the new phase of the artist’s life with the release on 1st June 2021. The album is a collection of 12 pragmatic songs that B.I had teased his fans with, during live performances and previews. After the release of Midnight Blue‘, fans were eagerly waiting for his official comeback, preparing for the poignant release.

As hoped, the album charted on #1 on the iTunes Album chart in 20 countries like Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand, and India. Indian fans deserve kudos as the title track illa illa too peaked at #1 on Indian iTunes Songs Chart! The remaining eleven songs from the album took various spots on the Indian charts – ‘Flow Away‘ at #14, ‘Illusion’ at #15, ‘Numb’ at #16, ‘Daydream’ at #17, ‘WATERFALL’ at #18, ‘Re-Birth’ at #52, ‘Then’ at #53, ‘GRAY’ at #54, ‘STAY’ at #55, ‘Remember Me‘ at #56, and ‘Help Me‘ at #57 (at the time of writing).




Indian fans on Twitter were also celebrating by trending #Hanbin (B.I’s real name) and #welcomeback.



B.I’s ‘WATERFALL’ is an unembellished naked piece – the artist has made himself vulnerable for this album. He has shown his ever-evolving singing skills and his eloquent rap. Lee Hi gives her mellow vocals in ‘Daydream’ and Epik High’s Tablo collaborates in ‘STAY’. Each track in the album holds a special meaning – those unshielded feelings that B.I wants to communicate with his fans through his songs.

illa illa

The title track ‘illa illa’ features minimalism over rendering melodic chorus. With efficacious Trap beats, the song has a chill summery vibe that B.I completes with his vocals and articulate rap. The song expresses his struggles during the difficult period in his life and how he found the strength to move forward even on an unforeseeable road ahead. The music video conveys a similar emotion as B.I walks through a dark tunnel fighting his demons to reach a brighter ending accepting his flaws and past.


B.I has come back as a stronger person and free from the crutches of the overbearing industry, his artistry is growing exquisitely. His songs are evidence of his growth and we hope his brilliance will reach greater heights in India and the whole wide world.

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