BamBam Debuts With 'riBBon': A Gateway To The Unexplored Version Of Himself

BamBam, makes his highly anticipated debut with his first mini-album ‘riBBon’ and the track riBBon debuting at no. 1 on Genie! The album released on 15th June has charted on iTunes in various countries like Thailand, Brazil, Kenya, Turkey, and more!

riBBon‘ presents a vibrant and vivid perspective to the world, a hopeful and joyous new version of himself that he wants to gift us. The song is an endearing melody based on Electropop with HipHop beats and has a pleasant layering; It Shows Bambam’s versatility as a vocalist. The music video too, highlights everyone frolicking in the sprightly pastel setting, giving a visual definition of happiness!


Watch this hilarious Twitter exchange between BamBam and his GOT7 mate Mark Tuan.


Bambam has signed with Abyss Entertainment for his solo projects following GOT7‘s departure from JYP Entertainment. Now that he is free to pursue his individuality, he has exhibited his artistry with ‘Ribbon’ in a broader way than before. He has written the lyrics as well as composed a few songs for this bright 6-track album.

Producer Murda Beats has joined in the production of a few songs in the album. Bambam had a press conference earlier today where he revealed how GOT7 members helped him during the creative process for the album. He has worked hard to exude the same energy as when GOT7 members perform together.

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