BamBam Slow Mo B

BamBam of GOT7 is back with his 2nd mini-album “B” and its title track ‘Slow Mo’, following his well-received pre-release, ‘Who Are You’ with Seulgi of Red Velvet. The EP unveils collaborative works of various other well-renowned and established artists like Pink Sweat$, rising R&B singer Jimmy Brown, Bryan Chong, and even hitmakers like Jayson De Zuzio (previously worked with Imagine Dragons and Eminem), and earattack who has also worked with ITZY, Stray Kids, GOT7 and even contributed to BamBam’s 1st solo album, riBBon! Working alongside such talent, BamBam has weaved together a beautiful tracklist of 6 melodic songs, ‘Slow Mo’ being the lead track.

The EP “B” has already charted #1 on iTunes Charts of 6 different regions worldwide like Thailand and Malaysia, whereas ‘Slow Mo’ has topped in 3 countries as well (at the time of writing).


BamBam – Slow Mo [B]

As we delve into this colorful music video, we are left awe-struck. This was not the type of music we expected from BamBam, but that is his charm! Isn’t it? He manages to shock the audience with his wide range as an artist every single time! The visuals reflect a soft palette of colors with a soothing beat to match it  – and yet, the energy jumps out! You’ll find yourself swaying with BamBam, ‘melting slowly’ into his musical world.

The singer-songwriter has definitely cemented his mark as an artist with ‘Slow Mo’ & ‘B’, and there’s nothing slow motion about his rise!


Have you checked out “B” and ‘Slow Mo’ by GOT7’s BamBam? Which track aside from the EP is your favorite? Spill your thoughts in the comments.
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