Bang Yongguk interview

Older generation K-Pop fans may be in for a treat as we have several of our favorites coming back from their hiatuses and dropping new music. And one of them happens to be soloist and B.A.P leader Bang Yongguk. Having finally finished his mandatory military service, the K-Pop star made a comeback after 2 whole years with the single ‘RACE’ on November 23, 2021

Like Bang Yongguk’s return to the industry, ‘RACE’ is a grand and embellished track with heavy basslines and electric guitar riffs that complement his deep voice. Wanting to go all out for the fans who waited for him, he has participated in the making, as well as writing the song that is all about how life is an endless race. The edgy music video with a racing concept makes us further miss idol Yongguk and excited for his future releases.

After his solo debut and first album ‘BANGYONGGUK’, the idol went on hiatus to complete his military service. Having returned last year, he established his own agency, CONSENT and even branched out by producing rookie boy group JUST B’s debut lead single ‘Damage’. Well, KHIGH got the chance to interview Bang Yongguk where he spoke about his plans as a K-Pop producer and his agency, his inspiration of ‘RACE’, and more. He also shared his interest in Bollywood music, acting and future activities with B.A.P.

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KHIGH: We would first like to congratulate you on your latest single ‘RACE’. How does it feel to finally make a comeback?

Bang Yongguk: I want to express my gratitude towards all the staff that helped my music to come out again to the world and I would also like to thank my fans who have been waiting for me. 


KHIGH: What made you select ‘RACE’ as your comeback single? What is the message that you’re trying to share?

Yongguk: This is a song that compares life to racing in F1. This song contains the meaning that our lives are the same as F1 sports, where we cannot finish the race if we do not stop at the pit for maintenance.


KHIGH: What was the inspiration behind ‘RACE’?

Yongguk: I got a lot of inspiration from watching F1 documentary films. I don’t actually own a car, though. Haha!

Bang Yongguk interview
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KHIGH: The music video for ‘RACE’ is so trippy and cool. Are there any fun behind-the-scenes stories while filming it?

Yongguk: I remember wearing colored lenses for the first time ever since my debut. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to wear such lenses again or not but it was a pleasant experience. 


KHIGH: You were part of one of the biggest K-Pop groups and even had a successful solo career with the much-loved album ‘BANGYONGGUK’. Was it intimidating while preparing for a comeback after two years?

Yongguk: Not at all. I think I could enjoy preparing it during the break and it was a time for me to develop myself, to create more new and extraordinary music. Now I wish to tell you all my story through it. 


KHIGH: We are also eagerly waiting for your next album. Are there any spoilers that you can share with us?

Yongguk: It will be a more casual album than my last studio album. I would appreciate it if you could enjoy the music itself!

Source: CONSENT Korea


KHIGH: Congratulations on also launching your own agency CONSENT! What are your plans for it?

Yongguk: My primary goal is to wrap up the Bang Yongguk albums as planned in 2022. 


KHIGH: You even produced JUST B’s title track ‘Damage’ which fans loved. Is your process different when you are making music for someone other than yourself?

Yongguk: I would say making music as a producer is more exciting. The process of suggesting concepts or directions and creating music for friends is very detailed and fun. I’m also in the middle of the process to become a K-Pop producer by learning the pros and cons of it. 


KHIGH: You have tried all kinds of things from producing to opening an agency and even making the documentary film ‘Breath’. What kind of projects would you like to try next that you haven’t done before?

Yongguk: Probably, movie soundtracks and acting are the projects that I’m looking forward to this year. 


KHIGH: You’re known for experimenting with all kinds of genres from rock and hip hop to jazz. Would you be interested in something like Bollywood or Indian music?

Yongguk: To be honest, I didn’t get to have a chance to see much of it but I am definitely interested and enjoy learning various kinds of music from all over the world. In terms of it, both Bollywood and Indian music are very new and interesting to me.

Bang Yongguk interview
Source: @bangstergram on Instagram


KHIGH: You and the other members of B.A.P are still close and in touch, so what would you say if you got to have a collaboration with some of them?

Yongguk: I think we can do it together at any time!


KHIGH: Fans were touched that you still refer to yourself as B.A.P’s leader. Can we expect a reunion in the near future?

Yongguk: Realistically, I don’t think anyone can force the reunion. Each member has their own company, and we cannot just do it regardless of the business aspects. But we are still together on the ground called B.A.P.


KHIGH: They have also been eagerly waiting to see you perform live. Any plans for a concert soon?

Yongguk: Due to this Covid-19 pandemic, we are in a very difficult situation in regard to those tour projects that were being planned. I also want to go meet my fans as soon as possible. I will be praying for it.


KHIGH: Finally, any last words for your fans who were waiting so long for you?

Yongguk: I’d like to say thank you to the fans who have always been a great support to me. I will always be making great music so that I can pay back on the consistent support and love I get from fans. Love you all and thank you.


We missed Bang Yongguk and his energetic rock songs. Listen to his latest single ‘RACE’ on: Spotify | iTunes

Watch the music video for ‘RACE’ below:

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