Bang Yongguk 2

After creating the hype with his pre-release track “RACE“, Bang Yongguk has finally released EP, “2”. Being his first, it gives a dash of the mixed R&B-rap style as his rhythmic tone weaves alluringly through the album!

‘UP’ being the main title track emphasizes a feeling of still imagery, giving a subtle touch to the song following (G.M.T) which exudes a powerful vibe, banking on a dope rapping style of the artist. Ensuing this is the track, ‘Screwed Up’ which emanates a subtle R&B vibe, telling us about the situation of getting tangled in one’s thoughts.

The next song ‘Shut Up’ capitalizes on an almost lo-fi vibe, talking about not giving up and working on consistently. The second-last track of the EP is ‘Off’. It effuses a rock-punk aesthetic about succeeding and standing at the top of all, after which the outro track ‘RACE’ captivates listeners with its guitar, hard-metal sounds, making “2” the perfect album by Bang Yongguk for going all out & about – a must listen to EP for sure!


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