Not sure what I’m on about from the title? Here’s another clue, “Olee ole oleeee… olee olee” — alright, I’ll stop acting like I’m a religious football fan. This is about the Independence Cup 2018 football tournament held by LG ( ARMY’s liking this already ? ūüėČ ) in Mizoram!


NO, RELAX – we did not change our brand from K-POP to football! Last week, LG in association with the Mizoram Football Association – MFA, conducted the “Independence Cup 2018” tournament and the entire event was themed after our beloved genre, K-POP. No, the players did not play while cosplaying as their favorite idols ( That sounds fun tbh ) but event’s entertainment aspect was completely filled with K-Pop related performances.


The event’s entertainment part was handled by the Green Machine Project, started by Ms. Mary Zoremsangi¬†. On asked about the aim and ambitions of the project, Ms. Zoremsangi told K-High that,

Born UniQue Crew


“The Green Machine Project is all about spreading K-Pop and Hallyu Wave in India. We are currently working on organizing events and Dance Crews, similar to that of the events held at Independence Cup 2018. Currently we are trying to collaborate with different regions to hold K-Pop related events and hopefully in the future we will be able to successfully bring K-Pop Idols to India.¬† We are currently housing Born UniQue, a dance crew and will also be covering recent K-Pop performances”




15th August 2018, the finals of the¬†Independence Cup Finals 2018 Time sheet“Independence Cup 2018” were held. As the match¬†between Chhinga Veng v/s Aizawal Football Club progressed, so¬†did the K-Pop performances! Born UniQue was busily HITTIN’ EM WITH THAT DDU-DU DDU-DU DU while Hormonic Boys ( Winners of Changwon K-Pop Contest 2018 Mizoram regionals ) performed a medley of BTS

songs ( and I was crying at home being so far away from Mizoram). The whole event was L-I-T, the crowd loved it, the performers were great, the atmosphere was outstanding and probably one of the biggest K-Pop dance mob in India was observed!!!!

End of the day, Aizawal Football Club took the trophy while the performers took our hearts.





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THANK YOU everyone for the beautiful amalgamation of two cultures and more than that a very important day for both India (Independence Day) and South Korea (National Liberation Day), could not be celebrated in a better way than this <3