Boy groups left no stone unturned to bring us dazzling comebacks in 2020. There was a fresh change in the musical styles in many groups. Either Giving us solace or making us dance our hearts out, there were songs for every mood! MonstaX went bold and sexy with Love Killa, BTS made a powerful comeback with ON. We also saw some rookies like Treasure and The Boyz shine brighter!

We looked for the overall artistic impact along with the lyrics, choreography and music! Making the list, picking a handful of names is always a daunting task, but after several revisions, we’ve curated just the perfect list for you!

The list is not ranked but displayed alphabetically. So come on, join us as we look into the best boy group or solo comebacks of 2020 with this #KHIGHRewind list!


  • ATEEZ – Answer

Touted as the star of 4th Gen K-Pop, ATEEZ has been in the headlines since their debut days. After their first Music Bank wins with Wave, ATEEZ came back with an interesting concept. ATINYs had started making numerous theories the moment the teasers were released. A powerful song combined with a meticulously planned music video, Answer by ATEEZ is by far one of their best tracks. Not to forget the chorus ‘Bulleo Bulleo Uri Jigeum Bulleo’ which caught up like a wildfire amongst the fans. That particular phrase and the signature dance move was making rounds on the SNS even long after the album release.


  • BTS – ON

Known not only for their lyrics, but also the artistry in the music video, BTS came back with ON which has only cemented their image as seasoned artists. Featuring two music videos, BTS made a dazzling comeback with ON. As tradition goes, the official music video was well-equipped with hidden meanings and symbolisms. ON is adorned with powerful, meaningful lyrics that resonate with any and every listener.


  • CIX – Jungle

An elaborate video clubbed with dynamic music – CIX’s Jungle is a treat for music lovers. The title refers to not only a physical jungle but also a place where it is difficult to navigate amongst each other because of competition. The red, black and green hues add to the gothic feel in the song.


  • Dawn – Dawndididawn

Dawndididawn  is a hip-hop track that answers back to all the people who disapproved of Dawn’s lifestyle. DAWN is bold, brave and unapologetic and this side of his is reflected in the music video as well. Featuring labelmate Jessi, DAWN surprised his fans with an interesting track!


  • GOT7 – Breath

Breath is a beautiful heartfelt number the Korean title ‘넌 날 숨 쉬게 해’ which literally translates to ‘You help me breathe’. GOT7 once again showed their charms with melodious lyrics. Stepping away from their sexy concepts, GOT7 bring in a cute, but homely vibe with this song. Showcasing a breezy music video, GOT7’s ‘Breath’ is like a breath of fresh air on a cozy winter morning.

Who’s else began whistling as soon as you heard the song name?


  • MONSTA X – Love Killa

Monsta X just keeps getting bolder with every comeback. ‘Love Killa’ is definitely one of the hottest comebacks of 2020. Jooheon’s ‘Did I Make You Anxious?’ has become an iconic line. With bold lyrics, sensuous visuals and a dark concept, ‘Love Killa’ is an intoxicating track. More than just a sensual track, ‘Love Killa’ is a track about your temptations and your fight against them. ‘I want you to eat me like a main dish’ – we see what you did there, IM 😉


  • NCT 127 – Kick It

Kick It is a robust track, a sonic hybrid of hip hop, electro pop and a little splash of R&B! It talks about the members overcoming their fears and traumas. Comparing themselves to Bruce Lee who swings and kicks the antagonists, the members too shall kick at the negativities in their life. The choreography stays true to the inspiration and features a mix of martial arts moves. Often touted as Cherry Bomb 2.0, Kick It serves as a sneak peek into NCT musical and dancing capabilities which continue to grow with each comeback.


  • Pentagon – Daisy

“Love is burning/Everything is burning/Memories are burning”

It won’t be wrong to say that Pentagon came back with a 360° change in their musical style. With a soft beginning followed by an electric rock guitar, Daisy makes you curious about what comes next. Each member’s qualities are reflected beautifully in this track. The lyrics are raw and honest that speak about a love that does not feel real anymore. Using different colors to portray the emotions, the music video replicates the dark undertones in the lyrics.


  • SEVENTEEN – Left & Right

Seventeen keeps getting better with every comeback. With previous hits like Clap, Aju Nice, Fear, Seventeen has lived up to their title of being a “self-producing group”. Left and Right is one of those tracks that makes you hopeful and gives you a much-needed boost to do what you want. The chorus is very catchy, and I’ll say you’re lying if you say you do not bop your head left and right when you listen to this song. 😛


  • Stray Kids – God’s Menu

Stray Kids have been making headlines in the industry ever since they debuted with Hellavator. Often referred to as the ‘punk rock music genre’, Stray Kids have lived up to the hype. They have stood apart right from their debut days and that is what makes them special. God’s Menu is a dance number with a hip-hop base. Using references about food they add their own flavour! Finding inspiration in a traditional women’s dance Ganggangsullae, Stray Kids made a great attempt at breaking the stereotypes even further.

Du Du Du Du I want one more serving of God’s Menu!


  • The Boyz – Stealer

The Boyz literally stole our hearts with this comeback. They are bold, they are brave and they have confidence in their art. Stealer is one of those tracks that captivates you with the lyrics. The Boyzis definitely one of the promising rookie groups of 2020. If their songs so far are anything to go by, their future releases will definitely have a large impact.



Once again, a bonus track for the lovers of K-Pop! There are just so many that we wanted to include them all in the list *cries in K-Pop*. But nevertheless, we bring you one special mention – Treasure!Treasure is still a rookie group but they have caught everyone’s eyes! 

  • Treasure – MMM (Special Mention)

Right now my heart is MMM yeah/I think I am crazy MMM yeah”

The third in a string of single tracks release, MMM by Treasure stands apart from the previous two singles. ‘MMM’ is a smooth hip hop track with a dash of EDM. The chorus features EDM music drop, which gives a fresh vibe to the song! Treasure is undoubtedly one of the most promising rookie debuts of 2020.



Which is your favourite boy group comeback of 2020?

Written by

Nandini Iyengar

An aspiring translator and a writer!