2020 was an eventful year for Girl Group or Solo comebacks! There was a change in the style and music delivery of the girl groups. Shedding the stereotypes and cliches that girl groups can only perform cute pop songs, groups such as CLC, Dreamcatcher, 3YE, TWICE brought in a fresh change. The artists experimented and brought out the best of their music capabilities. If the 2020 comebacks are anything to go by, 2021 will definitely be a more eventful year of female artist comebacks.

Combing through a plethora of comebacks, keeping in mind the artistic value of the song, we have chalked up a list for you! The list is not ranked but displayed alphabetically. So come join us as we look into the best girl group/solo comebacks of 2020 with the #KHIGHRewind list! (Note: This list only includes comebacks and no debut release)


  • 3YE – Yessir

The first mini-album by the trio 3YE is a catchy, semi-hip hop track. The drumline, the electro-synth base makes it a captivating listen! Following the fashion of a drumline or a marching band, 3YE deliver a powerful performance, filled to the brim with energetic choreography. They have moved out from their regular hip hop girl power anthem tracks to a more bold, and brave look which speaks or rather questions the stringent rules and behavior of the society.


  • BlackPink – Lovesick Girls

BlackPink never fails to awe the audience with each comeback. But this comeback was special, it was different. Lovesick Girls is a hip track with a blend of country style music. This song is a track about girls looking for love, despite suffering from heartache because “We are the lovesick girls/I’m nothing without this pain”. Co-written by Jennie and Jisoo, the music video gives a classic 2000s vibe.


  • CLC – Helicopter

CLC came back with a brighter and bolder look in Helicopter. CLC played the trap genre and they were successful at their attempt! The boom claps add more power to the track, adding to the buildup of the song. With powerful lyrics and a visually engaging music video, the girls are here to make a fresh mark on the industry.


  • Dreamcatcher – Boca

“I’ll lock up firmly BOCA/Where is the love? Where is the love?”

Got you humming to the song there, didn’t I? BOCA by Dreamcatcher is a triple treat – great lyrics, a captivating music video that tells a story within a story and lastly, the amazing choreography. Replete with symbolism and references, ‘BOCA’ gives us stunning visuals. The intricate dance routine matches well with the lyrics.


  • EVERGLOW – Dun Dun

Dun Dun is bolder than their previous comebacks. With a stunning music video and chorus drops, EVERGLOW has delivered their musical best. A catchy chorus is a classic EVERGLOW move – “You’re so done done done” is one of the best examples. Not to forget the smooth signature step as well!


  • (G)I-dle – Oh My God

With Gothic, medieval vibes in the music video, (G)I-dle has once again proved their mettle. After their last year’s hit single LION (G)I-dle are long past the bubbly cute vibes. They’re here to make a lasting mark on the music industry! They challenged the boundaries with dazzling choreography, merged with strapping lyrics creating the powerhouse track – OH MY GOD! With seemingly religious stories and lyrics like “Oh my God, she showers me with stars” the meaning is left to open interpretation!


  • HYO – Dessert  (ft. Loopy and (G)I-DLE Soyeon)

HYO is one of the most versatile female soloists in the K-Music industry. Referring to a plethora of decadent desserts, Dessert is a funky jungle pop track. The industrial backdrops clubbed with a view of jewel-studded desserts give a good contrast. A heady mix of grunge-pop and EDM, HYO is here to get you grooving with Dessert!

You can definitely indulge in this ‘Dessert’ without feeling guilty! 😉


  • Jessi – NUNU NANA

Jessi is undoubtedly one of the best solo hip hop artists in the K-music industry. She is brave, she is bold and does not like to be told! Jessi has time and again proved that she is not going away and she is here to stay. NUNU NANA is one of her best releases so far. NUNU NANA is a strong, powerful track that speaks about empowerment, and at the same time eases into a mind-blowing music drop.

One cannot mention NUNU NANA without mentioning the EPIC collaboration with Jackson at the KBS Gayo Daechukje 2020. They set the stage on fire with their performance. Jessi and Jackson’s stage is one of the best collaboration stages of 2020!


  • Sunmi – Pporappipam

Sunmi does not shy from experimenting with music concepts. That is evident in her glittery purple-y comeback with Pporappipam. She used the colour ‘purple’ because it brings her an immense sense of joy and peace. The lyrics speak about happiness although the person may not necessarily be happy at the moment. With a nostalgia-inducing 80s pop mixed with disco beats, the song gives a dreamlike vibe.


  • Taeyeon – What Do I Call You

What Do I Call You’ is a smooth RnB track. The song has a laidback vibe to it that matches the winter mood. Taeyeon’s songs have always had an easy-going yet catchy feel. With a break in the melody, that loops back to the chorus, ‘What Do I Call You’  is something that you will find yourself humming to.

You must be wondering why is there a Japanese track in midst of all Korean releases? First of all, this track GirlsSpkOut is a collaboration track with Chanmina (Korean-Japanese Rapper). Second, this track is all about speaking what you actually think and showing your true self. Her second Japanese mini album is raw and real. It speaks about the worries we have in our daily lives, that make us sad and gloomy, and yet at the same time we look forward to having a bright future ahead. Taeyeon is one of the most versatile singers in today’s times. She can sing a ballad, a hip hop track, or any other genre with flawless grace.


  • Twice – I Can’t Stop Me

TWICE has changed their musical style with I Can’t Stop Me. With lyrics describing temptations and boundaries of good and bad desires, this 80s retro music influenced track is undoubtedly one of the memorable tracks of 2020. With a chorus that get you hooked and humming instantly, I Can’t Stop Me will be a constant party track for years to come!



We just couldn’t stop after picking 11 Best Comebacks, so here’s one more special mention! Oh My Girl stood out from most other comebacks for their fresh take and divergence from their earlier styles.

  • Oh My Girl – Nonstop

Nonstop  is a funky tropical dance number. Shedding their cute bubblegum concept, they are back with a newfound tenacity. With quirky fantasy visuals, the music video gives happy vibes. The song will make you happy whenever you listen. Sing with me – “살짝 설렜어 난 oh nanananana/살짝 설렜어 난 oh nanananana”



Which is your favourite girl group comeback of 2020?

Written by

Nandini Iyengar

An aspiring translator and a writer!