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Korean movies, just like Korean dramas can easily get you hooked. Several Korean movies were remade into Bollywood films (Bharat, Rocky Handsome, Oh! Baby! to name a few). Due to the growing fan base for K-pop and K-dramas, K-movies are slowly gaining attention as well. With movies like Parasite and Peninsula getting a theatrical release in India, we can sure hope that more and more Korean movies will soon see the light of day in Indian theatres as well.

2020 gave us some remarkable movies. We’ve handpicked these movies on the basis of the story, the direction and of course the overall entertainment factor! After all that’s what we look forward to most in a movie, don’t we? 😉 The movies are not ranked but listed alphabetically. Here’s our list of the best Korean movies of 2020!


  • #Alive

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A movie about a zombie apocalypse, but also alluding to the COVID-19 pandemic, #Alive is the movie for you if you like a zombie heist film. Based on the 2019 script ‘Alone’ by Matt Naylor, the movie narrates the story of a video gamer who is forced to stay inside his house during a zombie apocalypse in Seoul. Starring Park Shin Hye as Kim Yoo Bin and Yoo Ah In as Oh Jun Woo, #Alive is a gripping movie. One cannot help but find similarities to the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown. The title features a hashtag because the only way people could stay connect was through the internet. The loneliness, fear, panic, uncertainty was captured realistically in the film. As a person isolated from his loved ones, locked away for time indefinite, Yoo Ah In did a brilliant job in this movie. To stay true to the ‘use of the internet’ notion, the makers also made a real Instagram account for the Oh Jun Woo.

One cannot help but think that maybe, connection to another human can be found even in the loneliest of times.

Watch the trailer here.


  • Deliver Us From Evil

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Deliver Us From Evil encapsulates the idea behind the call of mercy ‘Deliver us from Evil’. The hitman Kim In Nam, played by Hwang Jung Min, is on the verge of retirement but finds himself entangled in a kidnapping case, leading all the way back to one of his past hits. Lee Jung Jae and Hwang Jung Min are seen together in this movie after the 2013 movie, New World. What happens when your rather turbulent, violent past as an assassin comes back and threatens your present and future? This movie might just have an answer to that. If you like action dramas with nail-biting crime stories, then Deliver Us From Evil is the right choice for you.

‘Deliver Us From Evil’ is one of the highest-grossing movies of 2020.

Watch the trailer here.


  • Hitman Agent Jun

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A spy comic caper, ‘Hitman Agent Jun’ is the movie for you if you like action movies with a dose of slapstick comedy. Known for his role in the hit duology ‘The Accidental Detective’,  Kwon Sang Woo plays the titular role of Agent Jun in this movie. Disenchanted with his former life and wanting to pursue his passion for drawing comics, Agent Jun fakes his own death. Sadly, his comics don’t land a hit either. His life takes a rather serious turn when one of his comics about his former life as a secret agent is accidentally published and becomes a huge hit! With the NIS at his heels, and his webtoon out for the public to see, how Hitman Jun comes out of the chaos is a comic watch indeed!

Watch the trailer here.



  • Innocence

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A gripping legal thriller about a daughter defending her old mother with dementia, who is accused of murder. A few people from the city mayor’s political party die after drinking ‘poisoned’ makgeolli. Shin Hye Sun plays the role of Ahn Jung In, the daughter who is also her mother’s lawyer. This movie is Shin Hye Sun’s first major role in a film. Based on a real-life story, Innocence is an emotional tale of a mother-daughter relationship and the nail-biting courtroom drama. The movie is inspired by the 2015 Sangju village incident. An elderly woman in her 80s was sentenced to life imprisonment after a few women suffered from food poisoning and two of them eventually died after drinking soda that was laced with pesticides. Fueled with political intrigue and edge-of-the-seat narrative, this movie will appease the viewers who enjoy a courtroom drama film!

Watch the trailer here.


  • Okay! Madam

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A couple with their daughter is en route to a vacation in Hawaii. But, the flight is not so smooth. Expect a hit of rather comic turbulence! What happens when your vacation flight develops into a hostage situation? The answer is Okay! Madam. A slapstick comedy perfect for the fans of Rush Hour and Die Hard, Okay! Madam takes place almost entirely inside a flight. It was shot on an actual Boeing 777 aircraft! Starring Uhm Jung Hwa and Park Sung Woong, this movie is a light comic caper, despite the severity of the situation.

Next time you go on a vacation, check your flight before boarding! :p

Watch the trailer here.


  • The Woman Who Ran

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One of the most critically acclaimed movies of 2020, The Woman Who Ran is another masterpiece by director Hong Sang-Soo, who is known for his melancholic slice of life movies. Starring Kim Min-Hee, the movie narrates a slice of life story about a woman who revisits her friends over a span of three days. Initially, the movie may not seem like one with deeper meaning, but venturing further you realize it is more than just a woman meeting her friends. Through each story, we can see the women wriggling out of the toxic notions against them. Gam Hee’s trip is the first in five years where she was staying from her husband. Her husband is seen saying that the people who love each other must stay together. This quote if seen in retrospect that, maybe Gam Hee did not have any personal space in her happy marriage. You can’t help but think that maybe she had very limited encounters with people or experiences. The Woman Who Ran is not just a story about Gam Hee, but her friends too and all the women who have been running away from the stringent and toxic notions of society.

This movie won Silver Bear for Best Director at the 70th Berlin International Film Festival, also known as the Berlinale.

Watch the trailer here.



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