After ‘VAV MEET & LIVE TOUR’ in India, VAV has left a great impact on the Indian Kpop fans who now call themselves as ‘Vampz’ – fandom name for VAV. Indian fans have been supporting the group ever since the tour took place in Delhi and Imphal, including stream parties during their comeback – ‘Give me more’, Live streams on their VAV app and very recently the first event took place on the occasion of Ace day on 25th August. The Indian vampz celebrated Ace’s birthday together at ‘Le Dragon’ in Majnu Ka Tilla, a great place to explore Korean food in Delhi.
The day started off by heavy rainfall which made it hard for some fans to attend the event. Despite the downpour everyone made it to the decided venue. Fans were welcomed to a Karaoke room decorated with ‘ACE DAY’ banner while VAV’s songs blasting off in the background. The room was big enough for everyone to sing and dance their hearts out.



All the fans were greeted with VAV’s customized badges and an ace day event banner. The event organizer, Sweta also arranged a beautiful cake with Ace’s photos on it.

I loved the badges so much and the fact that
Jacob was there too made it more precious”
says Preethi.


“The cake was so delicious but I didn’t want to cut or eat it since it was looking so beautiful T_T” says another fan, Shweta.


After the fans were done recording a birthday wish video for Ace, it was time for the actual party to begin. They blasted off VAV’s bops and jammed their lungs out while dancing and jumping. They went crazy during the fanchants. They were as loud as they were during the VAV Tour in India (I guess we need another VAV tour in Delhi).
The fans created their own mini VAV concert right there.


When we started doing the fanchants together and danced to their songs, I felt so nostalgic. It was exactly how we did it during the concert” – Preethi.

I was surprised that I remembered the choreographies for certain songs like Senorita and Thrilla Killa , I learned them at the time of   the VAV concert and haven’t practiced since then but when the songs started playing I couldn’t control myself from dancing” – Shweta


Just when everyone thought the day came to end, our organizer announced that she had prepared a special game for the Vampz with a special gift for the winner. Everyone participated in the game with great enthusiasm. The competition was tough since all the vampz were determined to win the special gift. The game challenge was to guess the VAV music video by looking at a screenshot. Everyone did great but there had to be a winner. The winner Aayushi Vats received a set of Ace’s photo cards of every era. What a beautiful gift!



Later the fans had Korean Shin Ramyun and Kimbap together. Looking for the best way to end a perfect evening? Go for Korean food! It personally makes my day ten times better. Surprisingly the fans found another VAV fan in the most unexpected place, the restaurant! It was a fanboy working there, The fans gave him a VAV badge as well.


The overall event was a success, and everyone enjoyed it a lot. Everyone’s energy was drained by dancing and singing so much all evening, but they didn’t seem to wanna go home.

Here’s what fans had to say for their experience:



“Celebrating 🥳 Ace day was a jolly experience as we celebrated the person who is passionate for  his music and knows how to care” – Aayushi


“I like VAV ace’s party very much!!!

I love the cake….it was just as sweet as Ace.

And I came to the party as I was missing VAV so I thought going to the party will bring back memories and it did, and I made some new friends too. It was such a mesmerizing moment. I will never forget it.” – Gemarin


“My purpose holding this event was to make VAV Fans’ happy as they all were missing VAV very much after their Delhi tour. I got many messages from them that they want to celebrate VAV events in Delhi but there is no one for them. I’m glad that my purpose was fulfilled, and all the fans were happy and smiling at the end of the day.” – Organizer Sweta


Writer – Mudita Singh