Amongst all the K-Pop fandoms that donated money to Assam relief funds, Blackpink India wasn’t behind either and raised over₹20,000 – with the help of Indian blinks.

They began this donation drive on 20th July, and by the end of the set time period on 31st July they had raised ₹20,026. They surpassed their initial goal of ₹12,000 within just a few days, hence they decided to raise more until the deadline.

They started off their contribution with a fixed plan of splitting the money they raised into 3 and equally donating it to 3 organizations – Action Aid India, Milaap and Goonj.


When asked about the donation project, here’s what the admin of BLACKPINKIndia said-

“We started it because all of us felt responsible as citizens of india. We can’t do everything but we tried to do something for the people of of Assam.”

“All our donations came from indians blinks. Regional fanbases such as those in manipur and Mizoram helped us spread the information regarding the project. A major portion of our donation was obtained from the north eastern blinks, which we are very thankful for.”

Blackpink India even publicly thanked each person that donated by posting a collage containing screenshots of the names of everyone that donated.


Once again Indian K-Pop stans have proven their heart to always do their part for humanity. Good deeds like these are what make our fandoms stand out and I hope that all of us will never stop contributing towards a better world.