With fans all over gearing up for their favorite idol group’s 5th debut anniversary, BLACKPINK decided to gift their fans a movie of shared memories as part of their fifth anniversary project called, ‘4+1 PROJECT’.

Titled ‘BLACKPINK THE MOVIE’, it will feature a series of concert performances (hit songs from The Show, In Your Area), exclusive interviews with the members, a “Room of Memories”, and a member-focused segment which shows off their charms.

BLINKS in India are just as excited as any other fan to catch a sight of their idols on the big screens, and now they don’t have long to wait! BLACKPINK has announced the release date for the movie in select cinemas in India to be 12th November, 2021. So BLINKS keep your eyes peeled to the booking domains because the concert-like show is about to hit the screens!


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