On the 23rd of November, a 30-second video mentioning the names of 18 cities along with their geographical coordinates and various time slots, was released on BLACKPINK’s YouTube channel.


The channel, with over 53.6 million subscribers and with the most number of subscribers belonging to a K-pop act on YouTube, was abuzz with comments, theories, speculations, etc.

 Soon the suspenseful clip, titled “BLACKPINK- AROUND THE WORLD” was trending worldwide. But one of the biggest surprises it held was for Indian Blinks! Mumbai, with a time slot of 10:30 A.M, was one of the cities mentioned in the video.



Soon enough, fans speculated that this beckoned a probable arrival of BLACKPINK to India, and the hashtag ‘INDIA WELCOMES BLACKPINK’ and “BLACKPINK” were trending at various positions within Top 10 of Twitter India. Indian Blinks were largely responsible for pulling off this coup.


Besides the Twitter tag, the mysterious clip even trended across the nation on YouTube India.


Jisoo, the group’s vocalist, even posted the still of Mumbai from the clip on her Instagram story, further fuelling Indian Blinks’ reeling excitement.


While fans’ speculations have spanned various theories, the intent of the video remained largely ambiguous. However, one thing remains equivocally indisputable, BLACKPINK has recognized India and their unmistakably vast following here. In fact, their recent comeback was a massive success throughout the nation.

On the 1st of December, a new similarly mysterious video resurfaced on BLACKPINK’s YouTube channel, titled “The Invitation”, which also featured a YouTube play button. It was no surprise that the video was again trending in India.


Blinks worldwide were finally put at ease when a 30-second trailer cleared all the tense air: BLACKPINK is to host a YouTube live stream concert titled “THE SHOW” on Sunday, the 27th of December, 2020 at 2 P.M KST.


A poster for the same was also unveiled on their Twitter page.


Subsequently, a video message from all the girls was released where they panned out more details about the concert, exciting surprises, gifts and relayed their enthusiasm.


The concert will be a paid event, and interested fans can avail access through a subscription link on BLACKPINK’s YouTube channel. This video from their SNS tells you how.

There will also be a live announcement about “THE SHOW” on the 4th of December, 2020, the countdown for which has already started on their YouTube channel.


India has actively been on BLACKPINK’s radar for a while now, and the girls were recently seen shaking a leg to Daler Mehndi’s infamous dance number “Tunak Tunak” during promotions on the “Knowing Bros”.


That’s not all Indian Blinks! On the same date of the clip release, Naver News, South Korea’s web portal, reported that YG PLUS, an advertisement subsidiary of YG Entertainment, has partnered with various social media and music distribution companies worldwide, one of them being JioSaavn, a widely popular Indian streaming platform owned by Reliance Industries. 

With all these Easter Eggs being handed out by South Korean Entertainment giants like YG, India’s goldmine of Hallyu consumerism is surely gaining recognition. Let’s go Desi Hallyu fans, all eyes on India!


Summoning all Blinks! Will you be attending the concert? Let us know in the comments!