Jisoo Jung HaeIn's Snowdrop

‘SNOWDROP’ or Galanthus flower holds a very deep meaning when it comes to life, and after watching the K-Drama, ‘Snowdrop’ one can surely understand why author Hyun Mi Yoo changed the title of the show from 호수 기숙사 (Hosu Dormitory)  to Snowdrop. The title is enough to make one wonder why the show is so pure yet agonizing.

Snowdrop is adapted from the handwritten notes of a man who escaped from a detention center in North Korea which caused a huge ruckus in South Korea and the whole team of Snowdrop was accused of distorting the History of South Korea. However, after clearing the allegations, the show finally was aired in peace and we couldn’t have asked for a better pair for portraying the man’s story than author Hyun Mi Yoo and director Jo Hyun Tak, the duo who have already given us a thought-provoking show like Sky Castle!

(Note: The following contains mild spoilers.)


Faces of Snowdrop

Snowdrop cast

Amidst the chaos and uprising of protestors in the 1980s, a group of students decide to go on a blind date where Lim Soo Ho, played by Jung Haein encounters Eun Young Ro, played by Jisoo from Blackpink. Falling in love at first sight despite not getting paired with each other, Eun Young Ro meets him again when ANSP (Agency for National Security Planning, South Korea) breaks into the House Dormitory in search of a North Korean Spy. ANSP agent Lee Gang Moo (played by Jang Seung Jo) with his team barges into the dormitory while Lim Soo Ho luckily enters Eun Young Ro‘s room. She is convinced that he’s a communist protester and not a spy and persuades her roommates Go Hye Ryeong, Yoon Seol Hee, and Yeo Jeong Min (played by Jung Shin Hye, Choi Hee Jin, and late Kim Misoo respectively) to hide him. After successfully helping Lim Soo Ho escape from the ANSP, Eun Young Ro is about to get kicked out of the dormitory by the director of the hall, Pi Seung Hee played by Yoon Se-ah when Gye Bun Ok played by Kim Hye Yoon snitches on Eun Young Ro for keeping a man inside an all women’s dorm. Gye Bun Ok was paired with Lim Soo Ho on the blind date but after finding out about Eun Young Ro and Lim Soo Ho she snitched on her to the hall director.

With this quick recap of the very first encounter, we sum up the list of the interesting characters of ‘Snowdrop’!



Jisoo Jung HaeIn's Snowdrop
Jisoo & Jung HaeIn’s Snowdrop

After Soo Ho recovers, he leaves the dorm with the help of Young Ro. Destiny brings him back to the dorm on Young Ro‘s last day in the dorm. Lacking trust, his other comrades follow him there and hold everyone hostages to ensure their safety and return to the North alive.  The situation gets even more serious when the deal between the North and South holds them back from returning. The ANSP agent Lee Gang Moo who is after Soo Ho is also a hostage now, but later both Soo Ho and the ANSP agent grasps the situation that their countries will abandon them at any point and that they are just pawns on both Koreas’ chess boards. Despite lack of trust, both begin to plot their escape from the dorm without harming any hostage and for the spies to go back alive. In the course of the ruckus, Young Ro despises Soo Ho for using her and accuses him of his brother’s death. Later on, due to the way the situation turned out, Young Ro realizes that Soo Ho didn’t do anything as he wanted but he was bound by the rules set by his country. And so the spark of their love comes back to life and the seed of hope is sowed in their hearts. 


‘Snowdrop’ In Its Truest Sense

When Young Ro was bidding farewell to Soo Ho, she believed it was the last time she’ll see him but Soo Ho left his locket with her, just as a Snowdrop’s arrival gives hope that Spring is near. However, her world crumbles down when he returns just to point a gun at her head, her first love shattered into pieces and the snowdrop of her dreams, crushed. They say ‘Snowdrop’ brings bad luck to one’s life and the North-South deal for the upcoming elections in South Korea is the very reason for the bad luck in Young Ro and Soo Ho‘s life.


The scheme for the election set up by the ANSP director Eun Chang Soo who also happens to be the father of Eun Young Ro and the General of Army Nam Tae-Il (played by Heo Joon Jo and Park Sung Woong respectively) was never meant to be successful, regardless of the ANSP director’s effort to save his daughter while also to win the elections. Nam Tae-Il’s cunning intention to only save himself and to bring victory to the party became a huge hurdle for both Eun Chang Soo and the people stuck in the dorm. The whole scenario of the scheme resembled Yang Woo Seok’s Steel Rain 1 & 2 given the North-South situation, although the schemes in the film happened directly between the leaders of the nations. Eun Chang Soo and Nam Tae-il both were used as pawns and discarded in the end by the higher above authorities.  


Jung Haein portrayed his character as the North Korean Spy and a young lover who starts to question his job and the meaning of his life after being stuck in the dorm. Hae In is known for his soul-stirring characters who are the epitomes of romance, Seo Joon Hee from Something In The Rain and Ahn Jun Ho from D.P.Hae-in out here stealing hearts and proving that he can do both with the perfect blend of an ambitious soldier and a lover who will become a shield to protect his other half. On the emergence of the hostage situation, Soo Ho tried very hard not to be swayed by Young Ro’s tears and the love she had for him in her eyes. The string of red fate tied Young Ro and Soo Ho with those tapes from the very beginning till the end, listening to Young Ro‘s thoughts through the tapes he couldn’t ignore his feelings for her. Snowdrop was once more starting to give hope to the two that this misery would come to an end. Director Jo Hyun Tak had threatened Jisoo to play Young Ro’s role, her acting was exemplary because idol Jisoo never shed a tear in front of the camera since her debut while actor Jisoo has very well portrayed Young Ro’s emotions, be it anger or sorrow, helplessness or bravery.


Jamie Miller’s WISHE is the perfect song from the OST tracklist to bring to life Young Ro and Soo Ho’s emotions.


Highlights That Kept Us Hooked

Jisoo Jung HaeIn's Snowdrop

With all the twists and turns involving Nam Tae-Il’s mistress, Dr. Kang Cheongya who is played by none other than Yoo In-Na, and her significance in uncaging the spies will keep you hooked. Yum Jung-Ah’s unexpected cameo unfolds the most shocking twist revealing the last spy in the dorm. Rightly said, Sky Castle’s cast never disappoints when it comes to acting, the tragic duo of Yoon Se-ah and Kim Hye Yoon, Ms. Pi protects Gye Bun Ok whilst criticizing her for her selfishness hiding her guilt for her gruesome past only to realize her decision was also partly selfish when confronted by Bun Ok. Kim Hye Yoon has once again proved her acting for her extra role was extraordinary. 

Jisoo Jung HaeIn's Snowdrop

There are different interpretations of the meaning of ‘Snowdrop’ in different cultural groups and its references to the show are vital since these meanings differ to each character – it is a victory to the powerful, regret to the greedy, and sympathy to the selfless. Invariably the meaning of Snowdrop for Young Ro and Soo Ho has been the same, it is pure and innocent – they went out of their way to protect each other! The go game of the North-South only brought a tragic end to their love story and turned Young Ro’s world upside down when she lost Soo Ho right in front of her eyes. The ending had us all wondering about a lot of things happening in the show, we do not see a proper closure to links between all of the characters, like what happened to Young Ro’s friends and how did Ms. Pi and Gye Bun Ok are getting along so well, with high hopes for good ending it was quite heartbreaking to see how it turned out. If only coffee worked the way Young Ro wished, it would be a euphoric utopian ending for her and the viewers worldwide who just couldn’t get enough of the show!


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