Jisoo on ELLE India
[Image credit: ELLE India]

Jisoo of BLACKPINK becomes the 1st K-Pop star to grace the cover of Indian magazine, ELLE India. This is just another feather in her cap as she also happens to be the first K-Pop idol to appear in 7 different editions of the same magazine.

Back in May, Jisoo had reportedly shot with ELLE as Dior‘s newest brand ambassador. The photos taken ended up as the June covers for ELLE Hong Kong, ELLE Thailand, ELLE Singapore and now ELLE India.

Jisoo took the opportunity to speak up about her partnership with Dior and how it’s a “match made in heaven” due to their similar fashion aesthetics. The Indian content was handled by director and editor, Kamna Malik while the photoshoot was done under Kim Hee-june. Blinks as well as Indian Blinks were overjoyed with this achievement and ended up trending “JISOOxDIOR FOR ELLE INDIA” on Twitter and Indian Twitter at #10 to commemorate the moment.