Blackpink Lisa Lalisa IMI

The ‘Lalisa’ era may have come to an end, but fans are not ready to let it go. With Indian Blinks and Lilies displaying their purchase power, Lisa continues to break records in India. The Blackpink star has become the first K-Pop soloist and first K-Pop female act to chart on IMI. On September 20, ‘Lalisa’ debuted at #6 on IMI’s Top 20 Singles Chart. IMI is India’s first International Music Chart

Source: @NamiSwarn on Twitter

And on the first week of the release, Indian Spotify saw more than 2 million streams for the single album. With week 2 garnering 1.5M streams, Indian fans have contributed to a total of 3.6M streams on Spotify. Additionally, in the first 24 hours of its release, India was the fourth-highest streamer with 243k Spotify streams. The single also debuted at #7 on Indian Spotify’s Top 50 while ‘Money’ was at #20 with 145k streams. 

This makes ‘Lalisa’ the highest Indian Spotify debut for a song by a female K-pop act surpassing Lisa’s own group. Previously, Blackpink had held the record as ‘Ice Cream’ ft. Selena Gomez had 201k streams. Along with it, the ‘Lalisamusic video that currently has 220M YouTube views was trending at #1 on YouTube India on the day of its release. India was again the fourth-highest streaming country by surpassing 4.1M YouTube views in the first 24 hours. 

Lalisa’ was also #1 on iTunes India while the music video was #1 on the Music Video chart of iTunes India which pleasantly surprised many. Finally, on September 21, both of the tracks ‘Lalisa’ and ‘Money’ were added by Shazam to the Apple Music playlist ‘India Risers’. ‘Lalisa’ also was #9 on Spotify Weekly India Chart, #15 in Hot Hits India playlist, #7 on Top 200, and was in Trending Now of Indian Spotify.


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