Blackpink Lisa Lalisa iTunes India

Lisa’s solo is finally here. After months of teasing, the Thai-born K-Pop idol finally had her solo debut with her first single album ‘Lalisa.’ The BLACKPINK star released ‘Lalisa’ on September 10th. Considered to be one of the biggest solo debuts of 2021, her fans couldn’t get enough of it. ‘Lalisa’ consists of the title track of the same name, ‘Money’ and instrumental versions of them. And it broke chart records along with the music video of ‘Lalisa’ getting the fastest 10M, 20M and 30M YouTube views by a female soloist and is trending at #1 on YouTube India.

Along with the music video, Blinks and Lilies went all out to hype Lisa’s solo debut. ‘Lalisa’ charted on several reputable charts like Bugs, MelOn and iTunes. It also made waves in India. Indian fans helped ‘Lalisa’ chart at #1 on iTunes India. Not only that, but the b-side trackMoney‘ also ranked at #4 on the iTunes Top Songs Chart (at the time of writing this article).


As a rapper, dancer and one of the talented singers of the K-Pop industry, fans knew Lisa’s solo would be exceptional. As often seen from her solo performances and her dance series on her YouTube, she likes to club high fashion and hip-hop. This can also be seen with the dance-trap ‘Lalisa’ and how it incorporates fiery rap verses and hip-hop sounds. Even the choreography is quintessential Lisa as she gracefully moves, showing off her form while also pulling off the powerful hip-hop moves that fans love.

After waiting for almost 3 years, the rest of BLACKPINK is finally going solo. With Lisa being the third member to go solo, the only one remaining is the oldest member of BLACKPINK. We can’t wait to see what Jisoo will turn out for her solo debut.

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