The 26-year old versatile rapper BLOO known for his smooth vocals and vivid details on viral track, ‘Downtown Baby’, is back with his first full-length album, ‘BLOO IN WONDERLAND 2’. The album which released on 17th June 2021, features 13 tracks in total, some of which are pre-released tracks, like alt-R&B track ‘Drama’ and jazz-infused ‘Bloo Story’.


Alongside the pre-released title track, ‘Drama’, the LP also boasts of a silky-smooth lead track titled ‘Come and kiss me’ – an excerpt of which had fans going gaga over when BLOO had previously performed it on Dingo Freestyle’s Killing Verse.  The album has also already bagged BLOO the cover spotlight of Spotify’s most-loved  ‘K-Hip-Hop +82’ list. 

One intriguing fact to note about this LP is that it features all aspects of BLOO’s musicality – his braggadocio rap-style, his auto-tuned low vocals, and his jazz-band instrumental-infused production skills. There are no featuring artist protagonists in this Wonderland, only Emo rap king, BLOO. 


Come and kiss me

Released alongside the LP, the title track, ‘Come and kiss me’ carries the smooth, suave party vibes as BLOO persuades his love interest to be with him. His velvety rap style and simple romanticized lyrics merge with the trippy mood set by the music video and enhance the chill groove of the song. BLOO’s straight-out-of-an-anime emo visuals also cast a bewitching spell over the listeners. ‘Come and kiss me’ hence, serves as the perfect representative of this LP which shines a light on BLOO‘s magnetic musicality and progressive evolution.


Have you listened to ‘BLOO IN WONDERLAND 2’? Which track of BLOO did you like the most? Spill your thoughts in the comments.