KARD's BM Broken Me

KARD’s member BM (Big Matthew) has finally dropped his single Broken Me, after dire anticipation and long waiting. The teaser itself received a sky wrecking audience reaction. The dark-themed cozy vibe English track is so much more than what’s overt. BM’s deep voice is the perfect summarizing note like a never-ending echo for a sad-themed track.

The MV is produced by Issac Han, assistant producer Aaron Kim, and is directed by Jerry Park. Starring actor Park Eun Seok from BM’s favorite K-Drama ‘Penthouse’, the MV has a lot of detailing and effort given in production. BM himself has contributed to the writing and the composition of the track.

Broken Me is about heavy feelings weighing on your heart that describe the pressure and struggles of a shattered self. The rock genre track with heart-throbbing drums & electric guitar synths, strike a humming sound in your heart. The feeling of being inevitably broken and lost along with a desperate urge that wants to escape it. The chorus delivers a happening vibe to the deep insightful lyricism, a bright feeling contemporaneous to the deep vocals and rock music. The lachrymose track definitely sums up the day like a soft warm hug.